LOOK: We know where to get those Instagram-worthy and chic native bags!

For a tropical country like ours where it’s almost always summer, it’s a must to have on-the-go outfits and accessories that will match the sunny weather all year long. Whether you’re packing up for a beach trip or simply looking for a bag you can take when shopping at Salcedo’s Saturday Market, no worries because we know where to get this year’s most coveted accessory: woven bags.

No need to look further! A local brand by Cheyser Pedregosa, a well-known lifestyle and travel blogger, got a stash of these must-have bags! Gypsy Stash offers 100% chic yet functional bags that are carefully woven by hand and are made using natural materials that are locally-sourced in the country.

Not to mention, their bags are helping local weavers and they serve as an avenue to promote Philippine craftsmanship.

Check out some of our favorite styles below:

Riviera in Candy

Gypsy Stash 1

This bag is the perfect companion for that gingham dress you just bought. Imagine walking in the city with your uber cute bag; it’s a lovely sight, don’t you think? With its candy-colored pompoms and tassels, it can surely bring life to even the most basic outfit you put on.

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 10.51.58 PM

Square Riviera in Blush


In case you want a little more casual bag that you can just take anywhere you go, be it summer-themed backyard parties or even the most mundane tasks like shopping for centerpiece flowers, the Square Riviera in blush is for you.


Isla Beach Bag

Gypsy Stash 4

Made for spontaneous beach trips and picnics in the park, Isla is a stylish and spacious tote that can fit in all your needs from towels, swimsuits, and sun-tanning lotion. Your brunch essentials, such as sandwiches, picnic mat, and fruits are also well taken care of inside this bag.

Gypsy Stash 3

These three are just some of the must-have pieces you can get from Gypsy Stash. All these native bags are personally customized by Cheyser through her selection of adorable and handmade pompoms and tassels. And speaking of tassels, just recently, they expanded their items to even tassel earrings which are yet another “in” thing this year.

Be a walking reminder that summer isn’t over and never will be through Gypsy Stash’ chic collection. Life is too short for boring bags so shop now at gypsystash.com and bring in the sunshine wherever you go!

Gypsy Stash

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