LOOK: These Super Stylish Bags Keep Indigenous Weaving Traditions Alive

Article by Camille Ong

I’ve never had a hand or even a sling bag that I truly liked. I own a few but they don’t really match my aesthetic, so I resort to using my trusty backpack instead. Although while convenient, my backpack isn’t always the best companion for my outfits. I’d feel stuck between wanting to look for a nice bag and letting my backpack be.

Good thing I finally found a bag that fits my style! I’m so happy I discovered AKABA. Their designs are inspired by handwoven textiles from all over the Philippines and each design or textile is unique because they come from different weaving communities. They keep the indigenous weaving traditions alive by working with local indigenous communities.

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AKABA 7Camila Sling Bag

The design of their Camile Sling Bag, for example, derives from the Santos Women weavers of Isabela, the handloom weavers of Brgy. Santos in Quezon, Isabela.

I love how the style boasts of our Filipino culture, truly unique from the bag designs I usually see for sale. But even though its style is a bit specific, it can be matched with different outfits depending on your mood. This versatile bag has got your back.

When you’re on the go but want to look chic:

Even if you’re just wearing something casual, this bag will make you look effortlessly chic. Also, sling bags are really convenient so it’s the ideal bag for when you’re out and about.



When you want to dress up:

Sometimes, handbags are simply better for our outfits. This floral dress, for example, needs a bit of dressing up in terms of accessories. Fortunately, you can easily unclip the long strap from this bag and ta-da! You have a handbag.


There’s just something more formal about the look and the handbag suits this stylish dress quite nicely.


When you’re not in the mood to dress up:

There are days when we just couldn’t care less about what we wear. When it’s one of those days and you decide to slip on something simple like shorts and a shirt, this bag will make you look dressed up!


No matter how simple your outfit is, this bag is the perfect accessory to complete it.


If small bags aren’t your thing:

You check out their other bags, too! There are different designs to choose from.

This Classic Alumno Knapsack is their signature pinstripe pattern on handwoven Inabel, which comes from Ilocos Norte. The design is simple yet stylish and it’s big enough to contain your laptop among other things!


No matter your style, you’ll surely find something that you’ll love. This pink Onda Bucket Bag is made with Inabel from Isabela.


Which bag catches your fancy? Let us know in the comments!


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