LOOK: There’s A ‘Hello Kitty’ Jeepney Going Around Pampanga And It’s Super Cute!

You’ve heard of Hello Kitty restaurants, Hello Kitty cafes, and other Hello Kitty establishments. Now, get ready for… a Hello Kitty jeepney.

Yup, you read that right. There’s a Hello Kitty-themed jeepney that exists in Pampanga.

Paul Sese shared the photos of this rare jeepney on Facebook, gaining popularity from netizens.

Check out the photos below:

In Paul’s photos, we see that the jeepney’s interior is completely covered with all things Hello Kitty. From the steering wheel to the passengers’ seats–it’s all Hello Kitty pink.

Paul shared that he was on his way back home when he saw this jeepney in the terminal. It so happened that he was the first passenger at that time, and that’s why he was able to take great photos of it.

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It was a great experience, said Paul. He also noticed that all the other passengers would instantly smile at the sight of this themed jeepney.

One of the jeepney’s greatest characteristics is that it serves as a canvas for the creative minds of jeepney drivers. You’d probably notice how jeepneys would have all kinds of interior decorations and even paintings on the side of the jeep. This one is the best I’ve seen.

What do you think of this themed jeepney? Have you seen any other cool jeepneys? Share it with us below!

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