LOOK: Coldplay Had The Pinoy Experience–By Riding A Jeepney!

Breathe in… and breathe out. You are now breathing the same air as Coldplay.

ICYMI, the British rock band Coldplay is in the country for the first time! Fans have been raving about this moment since the tour was announced.

With a whole tour yet to be finished, and with the many countries they have yet to visit, it’s understandable that the band may not have that much time to go around every country that they visit.

But apparently, Coldplay wanted to experience as much of the Philippines as they could.

As they arrived at the venue of their Manila concert, media and fans were surprised to see that they were riding in our very own jeepney!

Take a look at this footage from ABS-CBN:

The jeepney is a type of public transportation that’s truly Pinoy! There’s nowhere else in the world that has the jeepney. So, it’s pretty awesome to see the hitmakers riding in our very own public transportation.

Apparently, the band’s frontman, Chris Martin, tries to see and experience the country as much as he could with the little time he has.

Since he’s arrived, he has been spotted in a certain fast food chain, riding a bike around the concert venue, and visiting fans around the city.

How cool is that?!

Well, we’re hoping that the band really enjoys their time in the Philippines. Maybe they’ll be back sooner than we thought!

What else do you think should Coldplay experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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