LOOK: South Favorite Esencia Day Spa is Now Open at Forbes Town! 

Amidst the hustle and bustle among those working at Taguig City, a good news—a new haven for destressing and relaxation has finally arrived in town. Esencia Day Spa is now open at Forbes Town, Fort Bonifacio, ready to give tired professionals the rest and relief that they deserve. 

Esencia Day Spa is a well-known nature wellness center located in Santa Rosa, Laguna. But they decided to open another store in a more accessible location due to the demands of satisfied customers, hence the new branch at Forbes Town.  

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The store on the second floor of Forbes Town Road is Mediterranean-inspired with visually-soothing interiors and upscale décor rich in gold and silver tones. It also has an aroma that spreads throughout the whole place which greatly helps in giving the customers the peace of mind they need as soon as they enter Esencia Day Spa. A bit contrary to the Laguna branch which is more inclined to nature with heavy earth tones and rustic wood set-up that’s designed to give you a tropical spa getaway. 

The store is called a “Day Spa” because they also provide services for health improvement and beauty pampering. Owned by Les Rabinovich, Esencia Day Spa reflects on her belief and passion to go beyond the customer’s expectation so they would become regular patrons. They make sure that each customer’s unique needs are met by a matching treatment from their menu just so they could de-stress and feel well-rested, relaxed, and rejuvenated to go back to their daily grind zealously. 

House Tea for guests while waiting

They have seven signature treatments that are inspired by ancient concepts and modern techniques from around the world. Each service offers specific benefits to cater to what you are looking for, so from head to toe, they got you covered. Here’s a run-down of the aforementioned treatments: 

The Esencia Signature Massage 

Oils to choose from for the Esencia Signature Massage

This one is a classic. You pick an oil to use to give you maximum comfort. This overall massage would make your body free from any colds or tense muscles and would surely make you want to experience Esencia again and again. 

The Traditional Hilot Healing

This Filipino-style massage is as natural as it can get. You’ll be wrapped up in warmed banana leaves to relieve you from deeply-seated muscle tension. It’s like a sauna that even people from the past found effective. 

Deep Tissue Massage 

If your body is aching, the Deep Tissue Massage is the perfect treatment for you to get rid of the pain. They’ll be doing deep, slow massage strokes to deliver pressure to the inner layer of muscles and you’ll be back to normal function in no time. 

Swedish Revival Therapy 

The Swedish Revival Therapy gives you more than just relaxation; it also generates energy and creates a sense of balance and calm to the client. With deep strokes using the palm, it invokes good blood circulation for a fully-restored body and spirit. 

Foot and Hand Reflexology with Back Massage

It’s been proven that there are pressure points located on our hands and feet that are connected to our entire body. In this massage, the masseur will be focusing on those areas to remove blockage for a better energy flow. This service may not be for people with ticklish feet, though! 

Body Revival Package


A treatment I experienced myself, the Body Revival Package will make you feel good inside and out. You get to pick a Rich Body Scrub by Algotherm to exfoliate your skin and then you will be given a full-body massage of your choice. Not only will your body feel energized and fresh, your aches will also be taken away! 

Esencia Bliss/ Couples Retreat Package 

This one is for couples looking for a relaxing kind of date. This luxurious pampering starts off with their Esencia Food Scrub then followed by a massage of their choice. In Esencia Day Spa, the couple who gets spa treatments together stays together! 


Truly, it’s a good time for people who work around Fort Bonifacio. Aside from eating and/or drinking, booking a spa treatment on a Friday night is now an option for those looking for the perfect way to cap off the week. Go ahead and treat yourself because you deserve it. 


Esencia Day Spa 

2F Forbes Town Road, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ForbesTownFortBonifacio/
Instagram: @forbestown_ 

Operating Hours: 
Weekdays: 1 PM – 10 PM
Weekends: 1 PM – 1 AM 

For Booking and Inquiries: 
Mobile: +639175141414
Facebook and Instagram: @esenciadayspa 


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