LOOK: It’s Shay Mitchell and Penn Badgley with a Jeepney!

After enjoying some halo-halo yesterday, Shay Mitchell and Penn Badgley have already tried more Filipino food, including lumpia, pansit, and turon (which Shay was particularly excited to get Penn to try). Now on the second day of their two-day “YOU” tour in the Philippines, Shay and Penn gamely took photos in a jeepney before their scheduled fan event in Greenbelt.


As always, Shay looks absolutely fabulous; just check out those boots! And although they aren’t actually seen riding the jeepney in these photos and merely posing with it, Shay and Penn did post an Instagram story on Netflix Philippines’ Instagram account (@netflixph) telling viewers that they were going to take the jeep to Greenbelt. No Instagram stories were posted of the ride, but it has been confirmed that they made it to Greenbelt safe and sound. :p

Were you able to see the ‘YOU’ stars in person during your stay? Who’s excited for season 2?

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