LOOK: Kendrick Lamar Dominates This Week’s Top Hits!

He is known for many names, K-dot, Kung Fu Kenny, King Kendrick, and King Kunta. However, Kendrick Lamar is best known for one thing – his rap.

Recently, he released his 4th album entitled “DAMN.”, which basically sent everyone into a frenzy of dropping bars. His songs are definitely not all hype because they tackle the lives of African Americans in the society. Even NBA superstar, LeBron James, told the media in a recent interview that he can also relate to the words of K-Dot.

Aside from the fact that everyone is trying to rap like Kung Fu Kenny, the complete dominance of his album over the music industry can also be realized with the fact that all the tracks included on his recent album are currently on Billboard’s Hot 100 list.

DAMN. by Kendrick Lamar.

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The single HUMBLE debuted at no. 3 and is currently the top track in the list. DNA also made it into the top 10, ranking as 4th. In addition to that, his collaborative song with Rihanna entitled LOYALTY landed at the 14th spot making it to the top 15. All the other tracks made it to the top 70.


No. 18 LOVE

No. 32 YAH

No. 33 XXX

No. 35 FEEL

No. 37 PRIDE

No. 42 LUST

No. 50 FEAR

No. 54 BLOOD

No. 58 GOD


Being the 5th in history to ever achieve this, Kendrick Lamar is really a king. Truth be told, listening to his album will make you want to say damn over and over again.

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