LOOK: Fall Out Boy Excites Fans As They Drop Hints All Over Social Media!

Catchy lyrics, the soulful voice of Patrick, and the long titles of their songs – Fall Out Boy is easily one of our favorite bands.

And in case you haven’t heard yet, they’re cooking up something new.


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Last April 21, the band posted a video on both their Instagram and Twitter accounts that says, “Chicago, please silence you cell phones at 11am CST”, which was accompanied by a Mania Entertainment Logo.

Fans from Chicago and all over the world were intrigued by this post and were going crazy for more information.

Apparently, the caption of the video pertains to the addresses of the movie theaters where the 2nd teaser video was released. Luckily one fan was in the right place at the right time and had a phone ready to take a video of the whole thing.

We don’t know exactly what the band is going to drop on us, but there are three things we’re quite sure of: it’s called “Purple”, it will be released on April 28, and that whatever it is, we are sure going to love it.

FOB continues to drop teasers and hints, keeping everybody both in the dark and excitement.

Is it a new song, a new album or what? What do you guys think?


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