Here’s How You Can Achieve Vibrant Summer Hair Color Without The Damage

If you love changing your hair color with the new season, or you just want a new look for your gorgeous summer photos at the beach, we’ve got a beauty hack for you.

L’Oreal, the legendary hair care brand, has a product line that will give you vibrant hair color without the damage that usually comes with it! So, you can enjoy your new hair color without having to worry about maintaining your hair.

LOreal iNOA 4162

We got to try L’Oreal’s iNOA with no ammonia, and we were delightfully surprised with our experience!

LOreal iNOA 4095

In 2024, L’Oreal’s iNOA will have a total of 81 vibrant shades. Of course, I went with a fiery red color to match the season.

LOreal iNOA 4177

Master hair stylists and salon owners Melch Felarca (Michiko Salon & Nail Spa) and Marquee Alonsabe (Glam Lab Salon) worked together to help me achieve my fiery summer look.

LOreal iNOA 4159

They used L’Oreal’s new Blonde Studio 9 that helped touch up my bleached hair. This new bleaching product from L’Oreal allows for amazing results in less time than your usual bleaching kits! So, no need to worry about waiting for hours and hours to achieve that vibrant hair color you want. I was actually surprised when they mentioned that it was time to rinse and move on to coloring my hair.

L’Oreal’s iNOA hair color is surprisingly ammonia-free, meaning it won’t hurt or damage your hair as much as other products. Still, it delivers bright, shiny, and vibrant results! This new vegan formula of iNOA is also faster and easier to mix and apply, saving you even more time at the salon.

LOreal iNOA 4103

While going through the motions of bleaching and coloring my hair, it was also interesting to see other L’Oreal products being used between steps to ensure my hair wouldn’t get damaged beyond repair. The L’Oreal Metal DX (or detox) series is specially made to cleanse the hair of chemicals before and after the coloring process, preventing hair breakage, chemical buildup, and lackluster color results.

After a short 4 hours in the salon, I was thoroughly impressed with the results of L’Oreal iNOA hair color. My fiery red hair was super vibrant, and shiny. It did not feel damaged at all! I honestly thought it felt better than when I walked in. Of course, it wouldn’t be possible with the talents of Melch Felarca and Marquee Alonsabe.

rsz viv after 5

Photo courtesy of L’Oreal

My first-hand experience with the new formulation of iNOA changed the way I’m getting my hair colored from this point forward. It had been a long time since I’d been extremely happy with the results of my hair color, and it easily boosted my confidence after.

rsz arm

Photo courtesy of L’Oreal

To maintain the shine and vibrance of my new hair, I also used the L’Oreal Absolut Repair Molecular line which includes shampoo, a rinse-off serum, and a leave-in mask. After going through so many sessions of hair bleaching and hair coloring over the past years, I can easily say that the Absolut Repair Molecular products definitely help keep my hair healthy and shiny even after hours in the salon.

The L’Oreal Absolut Repair Molecular boasts of being able to repair hair on a molecular level! So, it’s not just surface-level repair, but deep-level repair that can help fix damage of up to 2 years.

I’m happy to have experienced these new L’Oreal products because I won’t have to worry about damaging my hair every time I want a new look or color—which can be super frequent.

LOreal iNOA 4196

So, for your new summer look, be sure to stock up on L’Oreal’s Absolut Repair Molecular products and ask your stylist to use iNOA hair color!

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