Take a Look Inside the Biggest Starbucks in the World

How many Starbucks stores have you been to in your life? When I was in college, I used to make it a point to visit all of the Starbucks stores that I possibly could. The older I got, though, the more Starbucks stores opened and the more tiring it got to try to complete my goal.

After seeing photos of the gigantic Starbucks Reserve Roastery that opened in Tokyo a few months ago, though, I’m feeling a sudden urge to fly over there and check it out in person. I mean, just look at it:

The biggest Starbucks in the world used to be in Shanghai, but at 32,000 square feet, the Nakameguro store now holds the title for it.

The roastery is four floors high!

Look at how massive it is!

When you look up, you can see sakura (Japanese cherry blossoms) that the place is inspired by.

And since the store is surrounded by glass, you can actually enjoy gazing at real gorgeous sakura outside if you go during the spring season.

People have called this place the Willy Wonka factory for coffee lovers, and we can really see why:

As with other Starbucks roasteries, their beans are roasted in-house.

The store also has the biggest Teavana tea bar in the world.

Of course, they serve unique snacks, as well.

From the outside, you can see just how massive it is.

Look at that!

All photos are from Honor Welch.

Have you been to this Starbucks yet? Where’s your favorite Starbucks store? 🙂

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