LOOK: Get Your Drinks, Board Games, and Suit Fix at this Dapper Space in Mandaluyong

Words by: Karl Batungbacal
Photos by: Paolo Pareno, Chloe King
Video by: Denisse Co

You’re with your friends, looking for something to do after a long week at work. One suggests to go out for drinks but everyone declines because it’s a Friday and surely bars are packed.

The idea to play board games at a friend’s place is floated, but they forgot that their condo has a strict noise rule. But you remember there’s this quaint yet dapper place wherein you can do all of those and more. The name eludes you, much like a ghost sighting in Intramuros late at night. Ghost. A synonym for it. The term specter comes to mind.

Well, Spectre Manila is not a ghost hunting group but a place to chill out and bring in the good vibes.

04Spectre 33

An ambient space to play board games, get a fresh new cut, and a chance to update your wardrobe, Spectre Manila has everything every man would need to keep himself entertained for hours with his friends and stay updated with the latest fashion trends.

04Spectre 18

Upon stepping through the doorway, one sees the wall bearing the name of the place and some pieces of men’s wear like a fresh white suit with a wide selection of leather footwear and accessories to complete the dapper gentleman’s look.

spectre 10

Welcome to your new playground

04Spectre 16

Thinking of getting a new timepiece?

The next thing you’ll likely notice would be the board game area. With an assortment of games not usually seen in the Philippines, this space gives Spectre a socializing area that is simply perfect for bonding with friends or even possibly meeting new sets of friends. If you happen to like the board game that you’re playing, more often than not, there’s a copy that you can buy.

04Spectre 8

Game night with the barkada?

04spectre 2

Good vibes, good times

More than that, they also have a wonderful assortment of drinks at the bar. Concocted by their in-house bartender, these drinks are the perfect conversation starter with a stranger or something to liven up the night with your best buds.

Spectre 281

04Spectre 32

Here’s to more times like these

If ever you’re one of the unfortunate souls who gets eliminated early in the game, you can opt to have a haircut while waiting for the next round. They have a solid barbershop that offers a multitude of hair care products to keep your hairstyle game at the top and ready for the office.

spectre 28

Pomades, hair serums, and beard treatments are also offered

Spectre 22

All of those things and more (like a slash-proof tote bag and a 100% waterproof backpack) can be found at Spectre Manila.

Spectre Manila

916 Luna Mencias Street, Addition Hills, Mandaluyong City
(02) 725 3066
Email: info@spectremnl.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/SpectreMNL
Instagram: @spectremnl