LOOK: Funny AlDub Memes With Pickup Lines!

AlDub Nation, get ready to put your kilig on!

If there’s one thing that’s really cute about AlDub, it’s there ability to make the entire nation feel kilig over their flirty chemistry onscreen, even if they’re just writing love notes to each other!

And so, it comes as no surprise that these AlDub memes with the cheesiest yet most adorable pickup lines fall right up their alley!

Fan page Maine Mendoza/Mainenatics TG posted and published a compilation of these AlDub memes that are sure to make every fan squeal with delight!!

Check out the hilarious yet cute AlDub memes, with the most #hugot pickup lines a la Tom Sawyer below:

Aldub memes 4

Aldub memes 2

Aldub memes 7

Aldub memes 6

AlDub memes 1

Aldub memes 3

Aldub memes 5


An AlDub fan? Which AlDub meme was your favorite??