LOOK: 10 Local Brands That Deserve Your Love And Support

It was roughly a year ago when I read a quote that says, “When you support a small business, you’re supporting a dream”. Since then, I became fond of exploring, trying, and supporting homegrown brands.

When you support a small business, you're supporting a dream.

I realized that yes, the people behind these artisanal products are doing what they love and loving what they do. I admire their passion, skills, talents, and courage to brave the competitive retail scene for even the tiniest item they worked hard for. These brand owners are pursuing their dreams and it would be nice if we can help them even through small and simple ways.

Hence, here’s a list of the 10 local brands I love and highly recommend. These are the brands that deserve your support and rest assured that your hard-earned cash won’t go wrong with them.

10. Flux Movement

If you’re on the look for high-quality workout clothes that will help you achieve your fitness goals, Flux Movement is the right brand for you. This shop specializes in functional yet stylish active wear, and the people behind it believe that strong women need equally strong workout companions.

Hence, they have Flux bras with adjustable straps, removable pads, and double dri-fit lining that will enable you to make the most out of your fitness routine and will keep you covered and comfortable no matter how you like to sweat. Read more about Flux Movement here.

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9. Snooze PH

Step aside sexy lingerie and cheeky shorts because we found something way, way better than anyone’s favorite pajamas! You can find these comfy, cozy and uber cute onesies at Snooze PH! From different colors and styles up to different characters, rest assured that they have one in store for you. The brand also takes pride in the quality of their products thus, ensuring their comfort and fine finish.

Hang on! Just recently, Snooze PH also expanded their line to unicorn bedroom slippers and even mermaid blankets. Read more about them here.

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8. MNL Grow Kits

MNL Growkits offers all-organic sow-and-grow kits that will guide you through the tedious process of nurturing your own plants. So don’t worry if you are totally clueless about planting. From seeds and pots and even up to fertilizers, they got you covered. Every plant contributes to a #GreenerMNL.

Be it edible or simply for decors, MNL Growkits has different plants to choose from. Make sure to get a kit for a fuss-free planting experience! Not only that, these grow kits make up for great gifts, rather than bouquets of flowers. Read more about them here.

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7. Ete Style Swimwear

For a country that is almost always summer, it’s essential to have an on-the-go swimwear for spontaneous beach trips or late night dip with friends by the pool.

Ete Style is an independent local brand that carries a wide array of summer staples from bandeaus, one-piece swimsuits, bikinis, and even beach dresses. Their swimwears will guarantee you’ll look A+ while soaking in the sea all season long. Not to mention, they’re all budget-friendly too! Read more about them here.

6. Tierra Plants

Tierra is an online shop that is dedicated to making plants accessible to anyone by hand-picking individual plants and pairing them with planters that would complement a specific space.

If transportation, accessibility, and availability are the three things that are stopping you from putting up your own green garden, then Tierra is the perfect solution to your home dilemma. Worry not because they will deliver the plants to your doorstep. Plus, they will provide care guides specific to your chosen plants’ needs – allowing them to survive and flourish. Read more about them here.

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5. Sewn Sandals

This local brand named Sewn Sandals is inspired by sandal-loving Filipinas and the Philippines’ all-year round tropical climate. Thus, they create casual flat sandals that are wearable and easy to match. No worries because despite their designs being trendy, their products are reasonably priced too.

Sewn elevates the everyday footwear through their products that strike the right balance among comfort, simplicity, and sophistication. Read more about them here.

4. Gypsy Stash

Chances are, you do know hot native bags are right now! I bet you’re looking for a shop that makes and sells them, too. Well, here you go!

Gypsy Stash is a relatively new brand of hand-woven and proudly Filipino bags which are customized and adorned by colorful handmade tassels and pompoms. If you want to channel the beach babe in you wherever you are and if you’re up to support our local industry, grab one now.

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3. Buttery & Co.

Born out of the love for baking and the desire to create delicious yet healthy food, Buttery & Co. serves must-try baked goodies, such as Ensaymada, Mamon, Cheese Tarts, Cheese Rolls, and many more.

All natural and no improvers, rest assured that anything that comes out of their oven is made with love and only the best ingredients out there. Plus, they have sugar-free and macha-flavoured products. Read more about them here.

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2. Makrama Wall Hanging

From wall hangings, curtains, plant hangers, dream catchers and even up to key chains, table runners, and buntings, this local brand called Makrama produces artisanal macrame items. All their products express the irony of following an intricate process in order to create simple-looking decorative pieces.

The chic styles of their products can turn even the dullest nook into an Instagram-worthy space.

1. Rraw PH

Rraw PH is a local brand of plant-powered products that aims to provide healthy skin care alternatives for Filipinas. They use only fresh and wild ingredients that are hand-crafted to nurture our skin.

They offer soaps, essential oils, creams, scrubs, and lotions that allow Filipinas to go for beauty that is local, nature-friendly and cruelty-free! Not to mention, their prices won’t break the bank. Read more about them here.

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These ten are just some of the homegrown brands out there that deserve our support. Always remember that whenever you buy from a small business, a person’s heart cheers up. Let’s help make dreams come true by supporting local!

Which local brands do you support? Share them in the comments!