Tierra: Transforming Dull Rooms into Beautiful Spaces through Plants

I am a huge fan of urban jungles. I am mesmerized with how living plants can give life to an otherwise bare and dull room. I love how they make the whole space look fresh, tidy, and spacious. To simply put, I just can’t get enough of house plants.

With their hanging leaves and perky succulents, house plants can instantly turn a room from an “ah” to an “oh”. Check out some of my home inspirations below.





After scrolling through pages and plant shops online, fortunately, I ended up at this website called Tierra at tierraplants.com. Tierra is an online shop that is dedicated to making plants accessible to anyone by hand-picking individual plants and pairing them with planters that would complement a specific space.

Tierra Plants

If transportation, accessibility, and availability are the three things that are stopping you from putting up your own green garden, then Tierra is the perfect solution to your home dilemma. Worry not because they will deliver the plants to your doorstep. Plus, they will provide care guides specific to your chosen plants’ needs – allowing them to survive and flourish.

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According to the people behind the business, “Tierra is grafted from our family’s more than 30 years of passion for horticulture and landscape design. Being in horticulture help us build more sustainable gardens as it goes beyond just the aesthetics of the gardens we create.”

Check out some of my picks below:

Tierra Plants 2

Tierra Plants 3

Tierra Plants 1

I hope you’d also like to take your space to the next level with a veritable jungle of greenery. With Tierra, you’ll definitely feel like you’re outside the garden when you’re actually inside the comforts of your own room.