WATCH: Time-Lapse Videos Show How Plants Change Throughout The Day

Providing us oxygen, getting rid of the harmful radiation around us, and making our room look vibrant and fresh, these are just some of the reasons why plants are fascinating.

But did your fascination and curiosity about plants ever lead to just staring at them all day to see their movements like waiting for a bud to bloom or watching a sunflower rise up and follow the sun? Unless it’s a makahiya plant, you might have to spend a whole lot of time just so you could notice any change.

For those who are curious how a plant’s day goes, there is this blog called House Plant Journal by Darryl Cheng which features time-lapse videos of how plants change throughout the day.

One timelapse video consists of a day’s worth of plant action. Usually, his video starts out with him watering the wilted plant and then as the plant absorbs the water, watch as it perks up to life.

Here’s one video of a plant dancing around.

There are also videos where you can see how plants “go to sleep” like this one.

He also showcases in his videos the unique changes for a specific plant.

Now, we can finally witness how a flower blooms.

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