Grow Your Own Mini Garden With MNLGrowkits

Have you ever wished you have your own mini garden inside your room?

Well, I have. As crazy it may seem for an average city-living millennial who barely has time to take care of herself, I’d like to fill up my condo unit with plants, flowers and succulents of all sorts. I want to convert my tiny space into something more refreshing and relaxing. Yup, I’m talking of something like this.

I thought I should just leave all these to imagination until I came across this Instagram page called @mnlgrowkits. And guess what? They actually offer sow-and-grow kits that will guide you along the tedious process of nurturing your own plants.

MNLGrowkits 1

And so, I immediately got a kit of my favorite flower, sunflower, and my boyfriend’s fave cooking ingredient, basil. No need to worry because from soil to seeds, they got you covered and all you have to do is follow the steps from the guide.

MNLGrowkits 2

MNLGrowkits 3

Here are some pros and cons that will help you make up your mind.


  • It’s a homegrown brand. Every purchase supports the local industry!
  • Every plant contributes to a #GreenerMNL. Plus, the whole kit is organic.
  • There are lots of plants to choose from, be it edibles or for decors.
  • MNLGrowkits will guide you all through the way of sowing and growing.
  • Planting is a cute project that will help you connect with nature.
  • These grow kits make up for great gifts, rather than bouquet of flowers.
  • It feels absolutely awesome to see those tiny leaves sprouting out of the soil.


  • You might get addicted to planting (which is actually a good thing). *wink*

With that being said, we highly suggest you to try sowing and growing your own plants. Make sure to get a kit from MNLGrowkits for a fuss-free planting experience!

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