Why We Love Onesies and Where To Find Them

Step aside sexy lingerie and cheeky shorts because we found something way, way better than anyone’s favorite pajamas! Yup, that’s right! Hold your breaths because we know where to find everyone’s new favorite sleeping buddies – onesies!

Why We Love Onesies and Where To Find Them 3

To help you make your mind, here are three (3) reasons why we super love *emoji with heart eyes* onesies!

3. They’re super comfortable!

Honestly, wearing onesies feel like you’re wrapped in a really soft blanket. The thing is, onesies won’t run away from you in the middle of a cold night. Remember those sheets falling off the bed right when you need them most? Besides, admit it, the lace and thin satin cloth of your current sleep wear can be a bit uncomfortable at night. Who cares about looking hot when you can’t sleep in peace?

Why We Love Onesies and Where To Find Them 5

These onesies can make you feel warm and loved better than anything else. In fact, most people who wear onesies at night admitted that they drift off to dreamland so much easier and better now.

2. They fit in all shapes and sizes!

With onesies, there’s no such thing as too thin or too fat. Whatever your size and shape is, you can definitely fit on one because they have all these free spaces for breathing, moving, and being carefree. Not to mention, everybody looks the same in onesies. Love your bodies and hug yourselves by wearing these sleep wonders!

Why We Love Onesies and Where To Find Them 1

1. They are absolutely adorable!

Aside from being totally cute, they have a wide selection of animal designs and different colors to choose from. Cat, dog, koala and wolf; you name it because they have it! Oh, did we mention that they also have onesies in Pikachu and unicorn? Yup, they got you and your favorites.

We say, plan a slumber party with your friends right away because these onesies are just perfect for the occasion!

Why We Love Onesies and Where To Find Them 6

Without further ado, these 3 reasons now lead us to everyone’s favorite part!

Ta-da! You can find these onesies at Snooze PH! They take pride on the quality of their products thus, ensuring their comfort and fine finish. Hang on! Snooze PH is expanding on other sleep and comfort essentials too, so you can expect blankets and many other items soon.

Why We Love Onesies and Where To Find Them 2

Interested? We know you are. You can order these onesies through their website, snoozeph.com, or visit To The Nines, a lifestyle store along Maginhawa. Keep the dream alive with Snooze PH’s onesies!

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