Discover Scuba Diving with Seaquest in Panglao Island, Bohol


Discover Scuba Diving with Seaquest Dive Center!

Bohol has been known all over the world for its pristine dive sites. From breathtaking views of coral reefs, interaction with marine animals, and shipwrecks, you can enjoy the best underwater sights in Panglao. This is also the reason why its the best place to try Discover Scuba Diving!


Seaquest is one of the longest established dive centers in the island of Visayas. They established their first dive center in 1981 at Pangsama Beach, Moalboal in the Southern part of Cebu. 9 years later, they built their second branch at Alona Beach, Panglao Island in Bohol. Today, Seaquest Bohol is renowned to be one of the first dive centers in Alona.


With all the years in the industry, Seaquest has developed a positive reputation on scuba diving in the Philippines and has helped a lot in inviting foreign divers to visit the country. They are continuously improving their services and facilities to cater and provide more possibilities for diving enthusiasts. They offer full service diving trips from island hopping, dive safaris, fun dives, and all PADI Scuba Diving Courses in different languages.

The best way to start your scuba diving journey is to go for a Discover Scuba Diving trip. It’s a very short PADI course where you will have a quick lecture, pool diving assessment, and a 40-minute dive at the sea with up to 12-meter depth. You will be assisted by a professional dive master all throughout the short course. The entire activity would only take half a day.

During the lecture, you will learn the basics of scuba diving such as hand signals, gears, equipment, and other technicalities. The dive instructor will also teach you other basic skills such as cleaning your mask underwater, different techniques to equalize, etc.




After the lecture you will have a quick pool dive assessment if you’ve mastered the necessary skills you’ll need on your first dive. This will also give the dive masters an idea how much supervision you’ll need during the dive.

After the pool, you’re off to the sea for your first dive! Of course, this is where the fun is. The stoke of being able to breathe underwater and the breathtaking sights of marine life. It’s always a wonderful experience!





Should you wish to continue your diving journey, you can take on more advance courses with Seaquest Dive Resort.


Fun and convenient, Discover Scuba is surely a great activity to try when visiting Panglao. Make sure you book your Discover Scuba trip with Seaquest Dive Center. They have everything you need from gears, equipment, and professional dive instructors. Seaquest will make sure your first scuba experience is safe and extremely enjoyable!

Seaquest Dive Center Bohol

Alona Beach, Panglao island, Bohol 6340, Philippines
Mobile: +639498794087Dive shop Phone No. +63 38  5029069


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