Go For Local and Natural Beauty With Rraw PH

Do you ever feel like your whole body is already filled with chemicals from the daily cosmetic products you use?

Well, same. That’s exactly why I was so thrilled to discover this line of beauty staples called Rraw PH. It is a local brand of plant-powered products that aims to provide a healthy skin care alternative for Filipinas. They use only fresh and wild ingredients that are hand-crafted to nurture our skin.

Rraw PH 13


Here are some of their products that I highly suggest you to try.

Honey Oats Raw Bar

This raw bar is heaven sent. The combination of honey and oats hydrates, seals in the moisture and exfoliates the skin from dead skin cells. It doesn’t only smell good, it also leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth!

It’s available in Coco Coffee, Ocean, Pipino, Peppermint and many other flavors.

Rraw 1

Facial Serum

This facial serum is made from blending precious oils and herbs that fight breakouts, moisturize and relieve discoloration. You may actually choose a serum based on your skin type, whether it is normal, sensitive or acne-prone.

Rraw 9

Eyelash Serum

You can now have long and lovely-looking lashes, thanks to Rraw PH. Their eyelash serum prompts dramatic hair growth through its natural ingredients, such as omega-6 fats, proteins and vitamins.

PS – You can use it on your eyebrows too!

Rraw 7

Tea Butter

This butter-based cream will kiss your under eye bags goodbye. The fresh green tea will help remove those dark circles from staying up all night while the shea butter will soften and lift your eyes. It’s one of my faves!

Rraw 3

Rose Fresh Face

A bottle of this is your new best friend. Imagine, it’s a lightweight day toner, primer and facial mist all in one. This infusion is specifically designed to hydrate and soothe your skin all day long!

Oh, did I mention that it also helps keep your make-up stay put throughout the day?

Rraw 8

Mediterranean Clay Mask

This clay mask is not your ordinary face mask. Its clay absorbs toxins and release minerals while treating acne and preventing those beauty-busting breakouts. Plus, it’s topped with chamomile flowers for a relaxing feeling while you shrink those pores away!

Rraw 5

Dopamine and Endorphin Body Scrub

Up for a body scrub that doesn’t only exfoliate you but also assists an up in your mood? If so, the dopamine and endorphin body scrubs are perfect for you. This face-friendly scrubs moisturize, lighten complexion and induce enjoyment, motivation and relieves you from stress, pain and anxiety.

Rraw 2

Spring Wax

This wild honey and sugar-based wax will help you get rid of excess hair. No need to heat or go to the salon because it’s naturally cold, knead-type and totally easy to use!

Rraw 4

Crassatella Lip & Cheek Stain

Boost your natural beauty with this all-natural and cruelty-free lip and cheek stain. This excellent alternative to lipsticks and blush-ons won’t let you down! It also serves as a great base for a fuller and richer lip color.

PS – It’s available in different shades!

Rraw 10

Tangerine Lip Scrub

Excessive use of cosmetics may tend to make our lips darker and drier. No worries though because it’s exactly this lip scrub’s job to reveal the softer and healthier lips underneath the peeling skin. It’s 100% edible and good for everyday use!

Rraw 6

There you go. I can’t wait to fully shift to natural and organic, and try the other skin care products Rraw PH has to offer! Let’s all go for beauty that is local, nature-friendly and cruelty-free!

Rraw PH