Soak Artisan Soap: A Local Brand You’ll Love

Being a huge fan of anything and everything local and a confessed hoarder of skin care products, I instantly gave in to trying out this homegrown brand.

Soak Artisan Soap is a natural, plant-based and cruelty-free line of Philippine-made soaps that aims to “do more than just clean.”  According to the owner, Leo Cruz, they want to awaken people’s senses, release feelings and relive happy memories every single time they use Soak.

And I must say, the brand did not disappoint. Every stroke and spray using their products is a delight.

Know more about my Soak experience below.

Glycerin Hand Soaps

Imagine this: strawberries mixed with cream and turned into a hand soap. Also available in Lemon Pie and Blueberry Macron, Soak’s glycerin hand soaps are guilt-free goodies without the calories.

This moisturizing glycerin-based soaps made with nourishing Coconut and Olive oil will assure you that your hands are in good hands.


Artisan Soaps

From the name itself, Soak boasts their specialty products – mild and moisturizing soaps made with 45% Olive Oil. Their soaps are also made using the traditional cold-process method which accordingly retains the natural goodness of the ingredients. Thus, it cleanses and leaves a soft finish on your body without stripping your skin’s natural oils.

Aside from being suitable for all skin types, Soak also allows you to choose from different scents, looks and variants depending on your preference and personality.




Bath Bombs

I know what you’re thinking. Awesome, right?

You may choose from different bath bombs with fragrant, fresh and fruity scents, such as Poison Berry, Party Beach and Fresh Linen. What are you waiting for? Pop one on a tub filled with water, sit back and relax.

No worries, there’s no need to cream after!




Stay fresh even outside the shower with these fine fragrances that will uplift your mood and brighten up your senses. With just a few sprays in your body, your linens or even the whole room, Soak will do its magic!


In all honesty, shower time will never be as special again without using Soak’s artisan soaps. Get yours now and give in to The Soak Experience too!

Love local and let Soak Artisan Soap love your skin!

Soak Artisan Soap
0917 631 4067

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