Giovanne The Label: 3 Kinds of Bags for 3 Types of Women

I’m sure most girls here will agree that no matter how many bags you have, there is a standard piece of bag that you prefer and use most of the time. We call this the go-to bag. The go-to bag goes with anything you wear, anything you do and anywhere you go.

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Thanks to Giovanne The Label, we were able to identify three types of women and the three kinds of bags they consider as their go-to bags.

Giovanne The Label: 3 Kinds of Bags for 3 Types of Women

The Self-Sufficient Lady x The Charlie

This lady got it all figured out. She knows better than to leave her laptop, umbrella and other essentials at home. She has her sticky notes, colorful pens and paper clips wherever she goes. I mean, who knows when she’ll be needing them, right?

She’s also the kind of girl who never forgets to bring a charger, power bank, sanitary wipes and even a whole hygiene kit with her. Every. Single. Day.


(The Charlie, P1,000)

Giovanne The Label’s Charlie is the perfect tote for this type of woman. Not that big and bulky, it has just the right size and space where you can put all your must-haves. Who says you can’t carry all your stuff with you while sporting a good-looking bag?

The Charlie is available in Cream, Blush, Taupe, Gray and Tan.

The On-the-Go Girl x The Nala

Giovanne The Label’s Nala is the go-to sling bag for the on-the-go girl. She’s super busy with all her daily routines and errands that she needs a bag that is both comfortable and beautiful. Her active lifestyle requires a bag that suits a Sunday brunch, as well as a Friday night out and even a spontaneous out-of-town trip.


(The Nala, P650)

Don’t underestimate its small size because The Nala can actually fit a lot of handy things. The on-the-go girl will never go wrong with this mini must-have duffel bag.

The Nala is available in Black, Mahogany and Navy Blue.

The Stylish Chic x The Cole

The stylish chic is adventurous when it comes to style and fashion. She’s open to trying new things, trends and anything and everything she finds beautiful and appealing. Her outfits speak for her and every piece she wears is a statement.


(The Cole, P850)

Well, Giovanne The Label has got the right thing for this type of girls: The Cole. It’s a sophisticated and a stylish take on the basic brown paper bag. This purse is so hip that you will look effortlessly chic in almost any outfit.

The Cole is available in Cream, Blush, Taupe, Gray and Tan.

Which GTL bag suits you best? If you happen to see yourself in one of these types of women, don’t hesitate to check out Giovanne the Label for more timeless classics for everyday use. Score your new favorite go-to bag today!

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