La Vidough Offers Keto Pandesal, Tiramisu Cheese Rolls, and More

There are a lot of delicious cheese rolls in the market today. However, if you want to really level up your cheese roll experience, you need to check out La Vidough. They offer cheese rolls in all sorts of flavors, so you can satisfy your sweet tooth in the best way possible.

Jana, the mastermind behind La Vidough, shares that baking has always been a stress reliever for her. She has been baking for her friends and family since 2012, and admits that she has never really thought about selling her baked goods online despite everyone’s encouragement. When she baked too many cheese rolls one day, more encouraging words came in; and she finally gave in and launched La Vidough. The brand name is derived from ‘La Vida’, which means ‘life’ in Spanish. “This is simply because baking gives me life,” she explains.

Photo from La Vidough

As mentioned, what really makes La Vidough stand out in the cheese roll business is the fact that they have a ton of delicious flavors to offer. Of course, they have the Classic Cheese Rolls, which are inspired by Mary Grace’s cheese rolls, Jana’s go-to cheese rolls since she was young.

However, they also have Ube Queso rolls, which is Jana’s all-time favorite since she was a kid. (Of course, the popularity of ube cheese pandesal also played a part in adding this flavor to the menu.) Other special flavors include Oreo Cheesecake, S’Mores, and Tiramisu – flavors that I personally have never seen anyone else offer in the form of cheese rolls so far.

Photo from La Vidough

Our personal favorite at home is the Tiramisu variant due to our intense love for tiramisu, in general.

As with most baked breads, La Vidough’s rolls are best eaten on the day they are baked. This is why they require preorders as they bake them on the same day. It also takes at least four hours to bake a single batch, including proofing, rolling, filling, and baking.

La Vidough delivers all around the Metro. However, they also caution that the butter might melt during transport if you live too far from New Manila in Quezon City. I actually live in ParaƱaque, so I can attest that they did indeed melt a little. However, that didn’t take away the fact that they tasted awesome! I was in it to fill my tummy and make me happy, after all, so it honestly didn’t bother me in any way.

Photo from La Vidough

If you end up with leftovers, just refrigerate the rolls and reheat them in the oven at 160F for a couple of minutes or microwave them for 10 seconds. They will still taste amazing this way – tried and tested! In fact, you can even eat them straight out of the refrigerator and still enjoy them. My daughter actually preferred them that way.

Their cheese rolls aside, La Vidough also offers low-carb, gluten-free, and fiber-filled keto pandesal made with real coconut flour. Make sure to try them, too!

La Vidough


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