Love Cheese? Here’s Where You Can Get the Cheesiest Cheese Rolls

Say it with me: CHEESE IS LIFE. If you love cheese as much as I do, then you’ll love these 5 cheese rolls that I’ve discovered during quarantine. They are ultra cheesy, ultra delicious, and ULTRA ADDICTING. (Don’t say I didn’t warn you!) Check them out:

5 of the Cheesiest Cheese Rolls We’re in Love with

5. MoodBoost PH’s Cheese Rolls (@moodboostph)

Photo from MoodBoost PH

Just like everyone else, Ina has responsibilities and bills to pay. Because of this, she started selling bread and cookies online during the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ). When more and more online sellers started popping up, however, it became harder to get noticed. That’s when she remembered the bakery in LA that served her favorite cheese rolls. She tried making some of her own and after a lot of failures, she finally succeeded. Her cheese rolls are so incredibly good, you’ll really feel like you were taken to a whole new world.

The name ‘MoodBoost’ came about because Ina wanted to capture how it feels to take a bite of these cheese rolls – and the brand name suits them perfectly. “The goal I set for MoodBoost is simple: I want the consumers to feel happy with every bite and forget the stress they’ve been carrying even if it’s just for a while,” Ina shares. “As cheesy as that may sound, I really want to spread a little positivity because that’s what we need. That is also why MoodBoost continues to donate partial of the proceeds to Unicef’s COVID-19 emergency campaign every week.” And it’s true, you know. No matter how bad you might be feeling, MoodBoost’s cheese rolls will instantly boost your mood! Read our full review on MoodBoost PH here.

4. Golden Oven’s Baked Milky Cheeserolls

Photo from Golden Oven

As a breastfeeding advocate and a mother of three, Kat got inspired to bake lactation treats in 2017, such as cookies, brownies, and crinkles. Lactation drinks were added to the menu in 2018. All of these products are made for breastfeeding moms who want to boost their liquid gold breast milk. “Regular treats are now offered for children and husbands who keep on stealing these lactation treats,” Kat explains with a laugh.

When the ECQ was put into place and there was no income; Kat started to bake bread, starting with ube cheese pandesal and eventually adding cinnamon rolls, pork floss, ensaymada, and the ultra delicious milky cheeserolls.

Golden Oven’s Baked Milky Cheeserolls are made of melt-in-your-mouth bread with lots of oozing cheese inside and topped with special buttermilk cream and coated with powdered milk. They’re the perfect mix of sweet, salty, and creamy; and trust me when I say they’re very addictive! They definitely don’t scrimp on ingredients, and they’re affordable to boot at only Php160 for 8 pieces.

3. Bread Lounge Fluffy Cheese Rolls (@breadloungemnl)

Photo from Bread Lounge MNL

Bread Lounge MNL started making ensaymadas and cheese rolls for a very typical Filipino reason: merienda. When their ECQ days were filled with unproductivity and idle hours, they came up with the idea of selling merienda around the village to make ends meet and pass the time productively. Their products did really well and now, they have even reached the Visayas region.

Although there are lots of creative ways to make ensaymadas and cheese rolls, Bread Lounge MNL’s products are based on all natural and simple ingredients, and are guaranteed baked fresh-to-order. “We kept it simple yet delectable because we are going for that nostalgic Filipino merienda,” they explain. If you want simple yet tasty and comfortingly nostalgic Filipino merienda, Bread Lounge MNL is definitely the way to go.

2. Mix and Bake’s Cheese Rolls (@mixandbakeph)

Photo from Mix and Bake PH

Mau is a software QA Engineer by profession who loves to eat, cook, and bake. Mix and Bake PH started in 2014 when Mau would sell cookies, brownies, and cupcakes. However, it is the pandemic that really gave Mau more courage to push through with her passion for baking. When she got laid off at work because of the pandemic, Mau decided to bake more and hone her skills by watching YouTube videos. As hard as it was to get her hands on baking essentials during a time when everybody tried their hand at baking, Mau pushed through – and thank goodness she did because her cheese rolls are heaven sent! The bread is so soft, and the frosting and coated milk powder come together so perfectly. They are so good that they actually sold out on her first wave of selling!

Mix and Bake’s cheese rolls don’t have any preservatives in them and are baked in batches so as not to compromise on quality. It is recommended to eat them within three days. You can store them in the refrigerator in an airtight container and simply toast them for two minutes, but I highly doubt you’ll have leftovers… unless you decide to buy a lot in one go, anyway.

Buy Felicia’s Pastelito Bombs (@buyfelicia2020)

Photo from Buy Felicia

When ECQ started, Lia Romualdez felt like she was stuck in a rut aside from working and trying to be fit. She started baking because she wanted to learn something. Since her grandmother is a great cook and baker, Lia used her lola’s recipes to make something to remember her by. She started with cookies, chocolate cake, and cinnamon rolls. Things didn’t always go well; but after a week, her brother-in-law Andrew randomly blurted out that Lia should start selling her goodies. She then posted them in a group and the rest is history!

Pastelitos De Quezo was Buy Felicia’s first baby followed by the Pastelito Bombs with Bondad de Chocolate, which were born from their family’s love of chocolate cake with queso de bola. It might sound weird, but it tastes hella good! Lia actually had a hard time looking for dark chocolate; but her chosen Davao-sourced bondad de chocolate goes exceedingly well with her Pastelito Bombs. One bite and you’ll instantly feel the cheese melt in your mouth. The chocolate just makes all of the flavors pop more. Don’t be fooled by the size, either. You’ll find yourself munching on these one by one until surprise! Ubos na! (No regrets, though!)

Buy Felicia is proud to be able to give you mouthfuls of cheese because they want you to feel loved and don’t want you to feel cheated. “In these times, you need comfort and my babies are here for you,” Lia adds. She also recommends pairing them with coffee, tea, or gin… I’m all for the gin. :p

What are the best cheese rolls you’ve ever tasted? Share your experiences with us!

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