Kitchen’s Best Home Patisserie Celebrates their Anniversary with a Dreamy Dessert Buffet!

When in Manila, my sweet tooth has found its new home at

Kitchen’s Best Home Patisserie!

*Dream come true*

In celebration of their anniversary, Kitchen’s Best has pulled out all the stops and laid out a dessert spread that Marie Antoinette herself would surely applaud.

The afternoon was filled with golden sunlight, lively chatter and the sweet scent of pastries as Kitchen’s Best presented a special Anniversary Dessert Buffet in their McKinley Park and Residences branch at The Fort. Rows upon rows of cakes, cookies, tartlets, candies, and pastry bars were waiting to be devoured, and my friend Marese and I were ready to indulge our sweet teeth!

LOL caught Marese pigging out

Living up to their name, Kitchen’s Best served up batch after fresh batch of the city’s best sweets for their dessert buffet, all meticulously crafted and beautifully arranged to satisfy both the eyes and taste buds. I’m a sucker for gorgeous presentation, so I loved that the Kitchen’s Best dessert spread was absolute eye candy! Their lavish setting was the perfect backdrop for their equally decadent desserts that came in a harmony of chocolate, caramel and custard shades.

I loooove the elaborate decor!

Creampuff swans


Panacotta! One of their many varieties


Croquant pyramids! Too pretty to eat!



Not only did the Kitchen’s Best confections look good, they all tasted wonderful as well! Marese and I found every possible interpretation of popular and classic dessert flavors, all reinvented in different ways to bring novelty to the familiar. Some of my personal favorites were the Snickers cheesecake, which was a marriage of my favorite chocolate bar and rich cream cheese flavor, and the Glutton’s Cake, which came in an assortment of cake layers. At the top of my list is Kitchen’s Best Frozen Brazo Sansrival, a playful spin on the beloved Frozen Brazo, with a wafer cake layer and sweet custard sauce in the mix. They also served some trendy Parisian macarons, which although off the menu and meant to be experimental batches, were the perfect texture and flavor.

Lovely macarons, our fave was their dark chocolate flavor!


Dreamy Frozen Brazo Sansrival


Snickers Cheesecake! I dieeeee 


This Glutton’s Cake has every cake layer imaginable



What I also loved about Kitchen’s Best dessert buffet was that there were sooo many options! Variety is everyone’s top priority when eating at a buffet, and I’m glad to say that Kitchen’s Best sure delivered on this aspect. There was just so much to choose from! They served an assortment of cheesecakes, panna cottas, and sansrival. I admit to having a slight panic when I was greeted with the dessert table. You know that sensory overload you get when you have so much good food in front of you that you don’t know where to start? That’s exactly how I felt. Good thing we had all afternoon to sample it all! And for only 250 Php, you’re definitely getting more than your money’s worth!

Green Tea Panacotta! With sweet mung beans at the base


Strawberry Kiwi Tartlettes, one of their FIVE varieties!


Kitchen’s Best Opera Cake, another must-try!



Aside from their baked confections, Kitchen’s Best also offers a range of comfort food cooked home-style and with fresh ingredients. I’ve heard some of their bestsellers include their Cheesy Chorizo Dip and their Wild Mushroom Pasta; I’m definitely going back to try those!

Yeah caught you sneaking another piece, hand!



The Kitchen’s Best Special Dessert Buffet was every sweet tooth’s dream; I sort of wished they would have it more often! Marese and I had the best time catching up over peppermint tea while we gobbled up plate after plate of dreamy desserts! Worry not though, because When in Manila you can enjoy a slice or two of high-quality cakes and pastries, all made with love from Kitchen’s Best.

Sweet tooth cravings satisfied! 😀




Kitchen’s Best Home Patisserie



McKinley Park Residences, 3rd Avenue and 31st Street , 1201 Fort Bonifacio






Tel. No: 4784870 BGC




Kitchen’s Best Home Patisserie Celebrates their Anniversary with a Dreamy Dessert Buffet!



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