Jason Mraz in Manila: The Concert Ends, But The Good Vibes Don’t

Written by Aira Mae Parado
Photos by Paolo Pareno

I know it’s only May, but I feel like I’ve already had the best night of my year. It’ll be a while before I get over these good vibes.

Jason Mraz’s Good Vibes in Manila happened last May 8 at SM Mall of Asia Arena. Jason Mraz, with the group Raining Jane, enchanted the thousands of audience with their instrumentals and vocals. Mr. A-Z made us laugh, cry, sing, disco dance, take a deep breath, and high-five one another.

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“Let’s keep it going!” Yelled Mr. A-Z as he got his groove on with the crowd.

Dressed in mechanics’ jumpsuits, he exclaimed, “we’re here to fix your lonely hearts!” And they did. Mr. A-Z’s music heals better than any other therapy does. He lifted our dampened and lonely spirits. With him, we were unlonely. With everyone else, we felt at home.

He lit up the stage with “Let’s See What the Night Can Do,” and that’s how exactly you begin a show. It was ecstatic, therapeutic, and his voice, angelic. We were all lost in the moment.

But that’s just the beginning. I could write and tell you everything that has happened without running out of words, but this would be so long if I do that. Thanks, Mr. A-Z, it was seventh heaven!

The crowd’s harmony is also worth mentioning. Everyone lost it when Jason started playing I’m Yours. We all finished the song together, and Jason kept it going by singing absurd verses that sounded absolutely musical.

We were also lucky to be the first people to hear the much-anticipated Jason Mraz and Renee Dominique collab song, live! It’s titled, “Could I Love You Any More.” It’s beautiful, and their performance was splendid. Renee made us all so much proud. We can’t wait to stream the audio!

We also danced to Have It All, and yes, we really had it all. His music still lingers in my head. The concert ends, but the good vibes don’t. Jason Mraz was awesome, and we can’t wait to have him back again soon!

Were you there? How was your good vibes experience? Tell us in the comments!

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