Good Vibes Live in Manila: 5 Other Things You Need to KNOW about Jason Mraz

Written by Aira Mae Parado

Featured photo from Jason Mraz-Philippines

YES! Jason Mraz is finally back! Known for his soul-lifting music, tongue-twisting verses, and remarkable wordplay, Jason Mraz gets ready for a night of Good Vibes in Manila!

As we rejoice his comeback, we listed some of the things most people might be missing (but should not!) about this American singer, beyond his music.

Here are 5 Other Things You Need to KNOW about Jason Mraz:

5. Jason Mraz carries a pen and a notebook wherever he goes.

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(photo: @carporta)

As a songwriter, Mr. A-Z believes that ideas are everywhere and should be taken note of as they come. He always has these two essentials close by–even on romantic dates with his wife. He does not like using his phone to jot down notes as it makes him look like he’s just checking e-mails.

“I try to capture as many ideas as they come. I can’t trust that ideas are gonna wait for me to get home,” he explains in his interview with Today in Music.

4. Much like everybody else, Jason Mraz likes draping himself over a couch.

(photo: yogadork)

A mind like Jason Mraz’s is the kind that never stops thinking. He describes yoga as something that’s productive and wholesome, so he spends most of his free time doing it–which, for a more visual description, is him lounging in his underwear.

3. Jason Mraz is an advocate for numerous causes.

(photo: Jamie McCarthy)

Mr. A-Z uses his fame and fortune in the most humane way. His philanthropic efforts vary from human rights, the environment, LGBTQ+ equality, and art education.

Sitting down in an interview with Amazon Music, Jason Mraz says, “I love being involved with groups of people who love each other. It is a way for my artistry to be given away in a way that matters. That’s just priceless.”

2. The initial tracking of his hit song, “The Remedy” made him cry.

(photo: Daily Press)

His first-ever hit song, “The Remedy,” was inspired by his friend, Charlie, who was battling with cancer back then. Mr. A-Z was uncomfortable and scared that he might exploit his friend’s situation, though he already had his blessing. He cried during his recording of the song.

It was a tough moment for him, but he eventually realized where it led him. He considers this as his life’s biggest learning experience.

“I can be of service in a bigger way using positive articulation, powerful words, and powerful mantras,” he shares with Cassidy Gard. 

1. The last song in his albums is always the most sentimental.

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(photo: MSN)

Jason Mraz makes sure he extracts the entire point of his albums in the last song. He believes it is the best place to squeeze in that, “hey, if you didn’t get the message yet, here it is, one last time.” Mr. A-Z closes his KNOW album perfectly with the “Love is Still the Answer” track. 

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ALSO, don’t miss the chance to experience the Good Vibes! See you all at his concert on May 8, 2019 at 8pm in SM Mall of Asia Arena!


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