Your Guide to All The Feels in Jason Mraz’ Latest Album

Full disclosure: I’ve never been an avid fan of Jason Mraz. I mean sure, I know his iconic songs like “I Won’t Give Up” and “I’m Yours,” but I was never one to explore his other songs. However, I am a regular user of Spotify and honestly, I trust its song choices for me more than I trust my own life choices sometimes (hahaaa #relatable); so when I saw the “New Music for You” screen pop-up on my phone with Jason Mraz’ new album cover on it, I decided to give it a listen… and I loved it! I don’t just mean one song, either. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire album.

Much like his popular songs, all of his new ones are easy on the ears and full of some good ol’ lovey-dovey-feels! In case you haven’t heard his new album yet (or even if you have), here’s a song-by-song guide to Know. by Jason Mraz.

Your Guide to All The Feels in Jason Mraz’ Latest Album

10. Let’s See What The Night Can Do

What it’s about: Jason Mraz basically paints the picture of the perfect date night (cue the heart eyes emoji). According to Jason, this includes beautiful-sounding activities like midnight drives to the river, standing on a canyon and singing your fave songs with your s/o, and of course, just spending the whole night with the person you love. <3 

Mood: Feeling wistful? Kilig about crushie? Have a date coming up? Listen to this song and listen to what the night can do 😉 

Iconic line: “I wanna get lost with you.” ’nuff said.

9. Have It All

What it’s about: Aaah this song is just so cute! It’s basically a love letter to any listener. Probably one of the most good vibe-filled songs that I’ve ever listened to, “Have It All” is overflowing with hopeful messages and sweet lines that will definitely put a smile on your face. On, Jason Mraz describes the whole song as a “toast.”

Mood: This song is a guaranteed good-vibes-only time 🙂 Feeling a little low? This song is a sure pick-me-up. This is also the perfect song to sing to someone you love; whether this be your best friend, sibling, parent, newly-wedded friends, significant other, or even to your crush who you’ve moved on from (aww).

Iconic line: “Here’s to the infinite possible ways to love you. I want you to have it all.”

8. More Than Friends (feat. Meghan Trainor)

What it’s about: Pretty much self-explanatory, this song’s title says it all. It’s a duet between Jason Mraz and the unmistakable voice of Meghan Trainor as they sing about wanting to leave the friendzone and enter into the “more than friends” realm.

Mood: TBH- just send this to that best friend who you’ve been crushing on for sooOoO long now. Not ready? Just listen to this song until you are :-).

Iconic Line: “I’m asking you to be my baby… I’m giving you my heart, don’t break it.”

7. Unlonely

What it’s about: Here, Jason pleads you to accept his love because he can make you “unlonely.” He sings many reasons on why he can be yours, and promises to keep you company and make you happy.

Mood: Sing this to crush!! 😉 (notice a theme here…) It’s also perfect to groove along to on a sunny day.

Iconic Line: “I can be your one and only, I can make you unlonely.”

6. Better With You

What it’s about: This song speaks about the true beauty of a relationship. When your partner makes you a better person, your relationship has a different kind of love. In the song, he also says how he doesn’t want to be apart from the person he loves. #relatable

Mood: This song is perfect for you and your s/o <3. You can even use it for your future wedding vows?

Iconic Line: “I’m better because you give meaning to the words ‘I love you’.”

5. No Plans

What it’s about: Sort of a continuation of the previous song, No Plans is all about the simple kind of love–one that doesn’t need grand romantic gestures and expensive getaways. It’s also about all the possibilities that being in love can hold!

Mood: Looking for a relaxing night? Want to literally feel like you have no plans? Listen to this easy, breezy song 🙂

Iconic Line: “I’ve got no plans except for loving you.”

4. Sleeping to Dream

What it’s about: Have you ever had a dream about your crush? This song is for all the couples out there who are apart, whether this is because of long-distance or because you simply don’t live together. It’s about wanting to fall asleep next to someone you love, and going to sleep just to dream about them.

Mood: Not gonna lie, this song about sleeping is a lullaby indeed. If you’re lovesick, this is a good song to fall asleep to. If you aren’t lovesick, it’s still a great addition to your lullaby playlist.

Iconic Line: “I’m so damn tired of having to live without you.”

3. Making It Up

What it’s about: This song is the embodiment of the saying, “fake it ’til you make it.” Jason Mraz says there’s no shame in this because “what else can we do?” He also expresses how life can be a dream indeed, especially when you’re surrounded by people you love.

Mood: Feeling a little heavy and under the weather? This song is here to remind you that it’s okay; everything will be alright because you’re not alone in figuring life out!

Iconic Line: “Life’s so hard but life’s alright because I’m here with you tonight.”

2. Might As Well Dance

What it’s about: This upbeat bop has funny lyrics to go with it. In this track, Jason captures the happy-go-lucky spirit that we should all have once in a while. It’s about taking things less seriously, especially when in comes to making the first move! (Sa mga pabebe diyan, listen up!)

Mood: Need that extra push to just take a risk? Listen to this silly song! It will definitely make you more “game” to just do it, whatever “it” is, because really, what is there to lose?

Iconic Line: “We’ve got nothing to lose, might as well hold hands. We’re already fools, so we might as well dance.”

1. Love is Still the Answer

What it’s about: The last song of the album is definitely the most meaningful one. It brings the perfect close to the message that Jason Mraz tried to put into every song: that love is still the answer. In this song, he ponders many things like beliefs, human success, and the meaning of life.

Mood: TBH- this track is perfect for a good cry. It helps provide clarity to you if you’re feeling lost. Listen to this song whenever you need reassurance.

Iconic Line: “Whatever you want, whatever you are after, love is still the answer.”

Know. album cover 1

Jason Mraz’ album is a romantic work of art. Speaking of love, all his tracks are easy on the ears in the signature Jason Mraz way. Give his album a listen and let us know what you think in the comments down below! 🙂

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