“Here Today” is the EP that Will Help You Get Through Anything

Article by: Michaela “Mica” Acero

Do you know that feeling of comfort when a certain song just gets you and ~heals~ you from whatever pain you’re going through? I’m a teenager who experiences the usual existential crises from time to time, so I go through Spotify playlists quite often. I can tell you, though, that I haven’t heard many songs that can comfort me whenever I’m feeling down. Most times, listening to sad songs when you’re sad just makes you sadder!

However, all of the songs in Coeli’s debut EP “Here Today” are some of the few that just wrap me in a hug whenever I listen to them. There are simply no other words for it!

  Coeli and her guitarist Andrew performing at her EP launch

Coeli, pronounced as “chelly,” is OPM’s newest rising artist. Not only does she play the cello (I mean, who even does nowadays?), she also writes her own songs and sings beautifully (and she also has orange hair!). Her debut EP includes 4 touching tracks, with full-bodied instrumentals and vocals, that are sure to help you get through just about anything life throws your way. Below is a list of which tracks to listen to and when (tried and tested, promise!).

When you’ve been asking yourself, “ano ba tayo?”

A pretty witty play on words, this song tackles the super-relatable question that most of us ask ourselves whenever we feel ourselves falling for someone. Coeli sings a lighthearted yet bittersweet song of our inner monologues, “bakit pa tayo malilito at mawawala kung isa lang naman ang pupuntahan?

When you’re tired and everything just feels like too much (or if you need a good cry)

Yup, it’s about to get real here! My personal fave song of the EP, “Puno” is what Coeli calls her personal lullaby– it’s a beautiful song of refuge and peace. Whenever I listen to it, I just feel like Coeli’s right beside me, comforting me (borderline creepy, I know, but you’ll get me!). “Puno” also features her fellow OPM artist, Clara Benin, who adds her gentle vocals to this sob-fest of a song.

(Read more about Clara Benin and other local artists here.)

When you feel like giving up

The title track of Coeli’s EP is motivational anthem fit for anyone. In this song, Coeli cheers you on with words that just make you feel all warm and happy inside. It’s also her message to all her loved ones: that she’ll be right there to believe in them every step of the way.

When you’ve been worrying about the future

Last but not least, Coeli’s final track in her EP is a culmination of her life so far. It’s a song full of hope that makes you feel like you can go through whatever comes your way and emerge stronger than ever. “Under a Bluer Sky” is poetry in itself; its chorus sounds like an ode to both nature and one’s personal journey.

They say that laughter is the best medicine, but they must not have heard “Here Today” yet! Coeli has just begun so make sure to follow her throughout her musical journey.


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