6 Indie Music Acts You Should Listen To During Sweater Weather

It’s the wet and rainy season of the country again. For the most part, there’s going to be lots of days where you’ll wake up and notice that the gravity of your bed is a lot stronger. Yup, it also makes us want to cuddle with our loved ones and/or turns us into sentimental drama queens.

A lot of us will agree that every rainy day deserves a soundtrack. Staying indoors with comfy sweaters and a hot cup of coffee in our hands while rain pours outside already sound perfect–but adding to it the perfect songs to listen to will make it even better.

So, we asked our #WIMSquad about the best Pinoy indie music acts to listen to during sweater weather. Here are their top picks:

6. Jess Connelly

If you’re into smooth R&B with a splash of soul, you’ll definitely enjoy the songs of Manila-based artist Jess Connelly. She’s got that super chill vibe that’s perfect for when you’re stuck indoors but you still want to channel your swag, even if just through the music.

The chill synths of her songs paired with her low-register voiced that’s packed with a lot of attitude makes for a great playlist that will make you feel like you can withstand any storm.

You can listen to Jess on Sound Cloud and Spotify!

5. Reese Lansangan

Reese Lansangan is probably a go-to artist for those who just want a little bit of sunshine on their gloomy rainy days. And why not? She’s got that cute and lovely voice that can put a smile on anyone’s face. Pairing this with her catchy melodies, her songs are sure to make any rainy day a whole notch sunnier.

Plus, she sings about pretty much anything–from good grammar to wearing pink on Wednesdays! A rainy day could never go wrong with just a little bit of Reese Lansangan.

Listen to Reese’s Exploration No. 5!

4. Munimuni

Even their band name is perfect for the sweater weather! This indie folk band who calls their sound “makata pop” will give you all the feels you need to enjoy just staring out the window while the rain streams down the glass as you contemplate on your thoughts. Their folk sound (made complete by that flute) along with their poetic Filipino lyrics will complete your experience of pagmumunimuni (pondering).

They sing about moving on, hope, and love–there’s one for every mood you’re in.

Listen to Marilag!

3. Ben&Ben

This indie folk-pop duo of brothers offers such mellow sounds that will make you cozy up under the sheets. They just have that sound that makes everything slow down and makes you want to have your own bubble of space while a storm rages on outside. It’s the perfect soundtrack for when you’re feeling like having your very own music video feels by the window.

They sing about things that you may have experienced, and their lyrics are truly relatable. So, if you’re looking for songs that will have you thinking about life and love, check out Ben&Ben.

Listen to Leaves!

2. Keiko Necessario

This solo artist offers a sound that feels like a lullaby. Her chill voice paired with her mellow-jazzy style is a great combination to make you feel cozy in the midst of rain and strong winds.

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Keiko’s sound is great for lazy days when you just want to cuddle up and relax–possibly read a book while Keiko lulls you to a peaceful night.

Listen to Forever Alive!

1. Clara Benin

Clara is probably the number one go-to artist to listen to when, baby, it’s cold outside.  Her mellow melodies combined with her breathy voice makes for the perfect soundtrack in days of storms.

It’s honestly amazing how even just her voice can instantly make you feel safe. Many people seem to agree that Clara’s chill voice is one of a kind, and it’s the type that puts you in a state of patient expectancy–as if peacefully waiting for a little bit of sunshine to finally break the gloom.

Listen to Kingdom Come!

What did you think of this list? Who’s your go-to indie artist for your sweater weather soundtrack? Share it with us!