We Realized There’s a Jason Mraz Song for Every Person We Fall in Love With—So Here They Are

Words by: Carinna Reyes

Who doesn’t reminisce about their love life when Jason Mraz starts to croon on the radio? There’s no denying that he is one of the best singer-songwriters of our time. With his new album Know, recently released this August, it seems that he’s not running out of words to describe love anytime soon.

But before we dive into Mr. A-Z’s promising new songs, let’s listen back to some of his memorable ones that seem to be dedicated to all the people we’ve loved (or will love) at some point:

6. For the one you had a crush on for years: The Prettiest Friend

This may be your childhood crush or the one that you liked before your first relationship. This was the person you admired so much, almost like you worshiped them when they didn’t even know you existed. The innocence of the emotion is sincerely felt throughout the track, and this may be the perfect song you can use to finally confess to that person.

5. For your first love: I’m Yours

First love is one of the best feelings in the world. No matter what age it happens, when it does, it makes you feel like you’re a giddy highschooler all over again. Although you realize the struggles and realities of real love, that doesn’t stop you from giving your all as you want nothing but the best for your partner.

As the song goes, I won’t hesitate, no more/ It cannot wait, I’m Yours~

4. For the one that started out as your friend: Lucky (with Colbie Colliat)

The title of the song is perfect for this type of love. When you start as friends, there is no rush to feel the butterflies in your stomach – it quietly flutters there in its own time. There is nothing as sweet and as lucky as falling in love with your best friend, who you genuinely think is one of the best people in the world.

3. For the one who was first your enemy: If It Kills Me

When you love someone, you love them in their best and worst state…and you’ve seen this person’s worst state for sure. The first time you met was like a volcanic eruption – in the realest way possible. You couldn’t stand their guts, and they seemed to have a snarky comment for every time you talked.

But eventually, after some time together, you both discover that the hate was just misplaced passion, and the more you get to know one another, the more you have the urge to be with them, even if it kills you.

2. For the one that got away: Please Don’t Tell Her

Without question, this is the most painful love anyone will ever experience. Maybe it’s the timing, your own issues, your career, or something else that’s out of your reach that went wrong. No one really knows. The one thing you do know is that this would’ve been the greatest love story of your life, but it wasn’t meant to be.

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1. For The One: Long Drive

Whether you find this one dedicated to yourself, your family, or a significant other, when you feel this, you can be certain of one thing – this is the love that is here to stay. It’s the type of love that is quiet, calming, and secure; and as long as you’re together, you wouldn’t mind the long drive home at all.

What about you? What’s your go-to Jason Mraz song when you think about love?


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