Jason Mraz set to collaborate with Filipina singer, Reneé Dominique

Grammy-award winning artist Jason Mraz revealed in an interview with Push that fans could look forward to a collaboration with Pinay artist, Reneé Dominique. They’re also set to perform together on his ‘Good Vibes 2019’ Asia tour in May. The song will be revealed on May 8, during his Manila concert.

Photo from bandwagon asia

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Mraz became interested in working with Reneé Dominique when he came across one of her covers on YouTube. He explains:

I had recently been introduced to Reneé Dominique. She’s an artist on the rise. I got familiar with her as she posted a cover on YouTube of a song called ‘Somewhere Only We Know’, and her voice, she sounded angelic. It didn’t sound connected to any particular region on the planet. It just sounded heavenly.

I made contact with Reneé and we wrote a song together recently. That will be coming out, I believe, early this summer. Probably in late May. We did all that collaboration by the Internet. But she’ll be joining me at the concert in Manila so we can perform our song together which is very exciting.

The singer herself tweeted about the upcoming collaboration:

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We can’t wait to hear this collaboration of theirs, especially since it’s true that Reneé Dominique sounds angelic! If you aren’t familiar with her yet, you can check out the cover which impressed Jason Mraz so much:

Let us know what you think about her singing style and vocal chops! 

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