Isko Moreno Wants Solar Panels and Rainwater Collectors installed in Public Schools!

On Tuesday, July 9, Manila Mayor Isko Moreno on Tuesday shared that he plans to push through on using renewable energy in the city’s public primary and secondary schools in the city of Manila.


The new Manila Mayor, Isko Moreno, has a lot in mind for the betterment of the Philippines including plans to Bring PRIDE to Manila in 2020 and to Help Manila Zoo.

He shared with members of the Manila City School Board at the Manila City Hall about his environmental plan regarding installing solar panels and rainwater collectors on public school building’s rooftops.

As we are experiencing critical water issues in the country, the mayor shares in with the press that he is pushing for this plan:

Nowadays, we’re having challenges with our water in our dams… we are still in below comfortable water level in our dams.

Having said that, I am now encouraging the board to come up with environmental projects, programs to harness renewable energies.

With this, Moreno hopes to encourage the children to give importance to our environment as they grow older.

When they would be given the opportunity in the future, they will do the same kapag malalaki na sila.

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