Isko Moreno Wants to Help Manila Zoo

Manila’s brand new mayor Isko Moreno has been on a roll ever since his success during the May elections this year. It has become obvious that he’s a man with a plan. From bringing Pride to Manila to talking about bringing back the Nutribun to make sure children don’t sit in their classes on empty stomachs, Isko is definitely settling into his new position.

Photograph from Isko Moreno’s Official Facebook Page

In an interview with the Inquirer, Mayor Isko shared that he is seeking the help of animal welfare organizations to help the Manila government improve and rehabilitate Manila Zoo. He encouraged animal care organizations to visit him because he has an “idea with Manila Zoo” and he feels sorry for the animals there.

He also asked citizens to be active on the local government’s Facebook page and to pitch suggestions on what could be done to better the conditions at Manila Zoo.

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As the country’s oldest zoo, Manila Zoo covers 5.5 hectares of land in the heart of Manila.

It also houses approximately 500 species of animals.


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