How We Found the Motivation to Stay Healthy and How You Can Find it, Too

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Like many Filipinos, I started the year with the goal of being healthy. The first weeks were easy but I found myself demotivated because I wasn’t seeing results fast enough, and I was finding it hard to work out regularly and watch what I eat. Luckily, my colleague Nicole and I enrolled at NT Summer Equinox, a holistic and month-long health program powered by GoWell. GoWell is Sun Life’s health and wellness community aimed at helping Filipinos make better choices through healthy living.

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We also got to meet Nikki Torres, a holistic wellness advocate and fitness instructor who also developed the program. Throughout March, we tried different activities like learning about what we eat,spinningcalisthenics, and NT Sweat. It was a lot of fun but we wondered, where do we go from here? As we attended the workouts, we found our motivation, and we found out how you can find and keep yours, too!

I got to sit down with Torres and she revealed the secret to being motivated in the long run. She said, “The most important thing is to ask yourself what your intention is. Why are you starting to commit to a healthier lifestyle? There will be days when you will want to skip the workout or eat unhealthily. That’s normal because that’s what makes you human. You just have to get back to it. You just have to stay with that pace and tell yourself, ‘I have to keep going even if I stop or pause.'”

And when it comes to a healthy lifestyle, there are two important factors: diet and exercise.

Nikki’s secrets to a healthy diet

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On dieting, Nikki has this to say: pay attention to what you eat and eat right. It’s important to avoid processed and sugary foods. When grocery shopping, make sure to read the label and ensure that the sugar content is low (you have to limit your sugar intake to 16grams a day).

Instead, fill up on vegetables. One cup of rice and a piece of fried chicken, for example, averages at about 400 calories. But one standard bowl of a tossed salad would add up to only about 200 calories. That’s just half of what you’d get from your usual rice meal. So, want to feel full? Double up on the salad. A win-win too as you can east as much as you want and still be guilt-free ‘cos it’s so healthy!

If you have a sweet tooth, you can control that by going for healthier alternatives like black coffee and dark chocolate.

Nikki shares her exercise tips

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Exercise is just as important as one’s diet and to really feel its effects, you must exercise two to three times a week. You can do any exercise you want as long as you keep moving.

For something that anyone can do, Nikki recommends yoga. There are different types of yoga that people can do, regardless of age, weight, and health restrictions. It doesn’t just help physically but mentally since it slows you down. While it’s easy to watch videos online, she adds that it’s best to enroll in a class so you get the full benefits with an instructor.

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Most importantly, Nikki suggests finding something that you will love doing. That way, you look forward to actually doing it regularly.

If you want to learn more from Nikki, check out the interview we did with her below:

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UPDATE 5/7/2018: Contest Winner

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