4 Things I Learned About Spinning as a First-Timer

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I started this year with the goal to be healthy. I’ve been struggling with my weight for quite some time and I thought the start of the year was a good time to get on my fitness goals. I started eating healthier and lowered my junk intake, I enrolled at the gym, and found ways to relax and rest more. While I’ve found my rhythm, I still look for ways to practice healthy living.

Earlier this month, my colleague Nicole and I were given the chance to be part of NT Summer Equinox, a holistic and month-long health program powered by GoWell. GoWell is Sun Life’s health and wellness community aimed at helping Filipinos live healthier, brighter lives through a fit and active lifestyle, healthy eating, and living a balanced life. For the first week, Nicole attended a talk on “Eating for Health” conducted by holistic wellness advocate and fitness instructor Nikki Torres, who is also the brains behind NT Summer Equinox. She wrote down everything she learned here, and we’ll be writing more stories on the activities so watch out for that!

For my first class in the program, I attended a spinning class at Ride Revolution in Kalayaan Avenue, Makati. I’ve never tried spinning so it was interesting to see how I would fare in my first class with Coach Ida Paras.

Here’s are 4 things I learned as a first-timer:

4. It’s not as intimidating as it seems

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I find fitness centers somewhat intimidating and get paranoid that people are silently judging me while I work out slowly or use the equipment the wrong way. I thought spinning would be like that but there were other first-timers with me and the others who’ve done it were chill with the beginners. Coach Ida was also patient with us, gently urging us to increase our resistance but not forcing us to join when we decide to take a break (I know this because I took many of them).

3. It’s like attending a party

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Spinning feels more like a party than a workout. The room is dark and there’s plenty of mood lighting similar to clubs, and the only thing you can hear is the music and the excited screams of my co-spinners. And when you have a playlist filled with Britney Spears and Carly Rae Jepsen, you know it’s a good party.

2. It’s also like therapy

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Amidst the great playlist blaring through the speakers, spinning is actually motivating and therapeutic. Coach Ida would encourage us to make healthier life choices and to work out regularly. And when the advice is coming from a woman who can talk without running out of breath while cycling, you know you can trust your life with her.

1. It’s a full-body workout

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I used to think of spinning as an easy routine but boy, was I wrong. The workout is intense and will have you spinning in different resistance modes and have you moving your arms, your legs, and your whole body. There was even one point when we had to cycle while using weights! Spinning is a great workout and is known as a calorie blaster, and can burn off up to 600 calories per workout.

And since it’s a full-body workout, it’s important to come prepared and to practice proper recovery. Before the workout, it’s important to eat before spinning so you have enough fuel to face the challenge. While spinning, always have a big bottle of water ready to hydrate because you will sweat a lot. And don’t skip the cooldown session so your body can get to its peak condition.


If you want to join me and Nicole on our wellness journeys, sign up for free at gowell.com.ph to have access to community workouts, wellness perks, and rewards!


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