What is NT Sweat and Can It Help Us Lose Weight and Be Fit?

When it comes to my fitness journey, I’ve tried and failed many times. Right now, I’m making some progress by going to the gym, but it can get repetitive running on the treadmill and lifting weights. As someone who has commitment issues, it can get dangerous when I reach a plateau. I want my workouts and my diet to be diverse. I don’t want to be doing the same thing every day and eating expensive health food that tastes like cardboard.

Luckily, my colleague Nicole and I were invited to be part of NT Summer Equinox, a holistic and month-long health program powered by GoWell. GoWell is Sun Life’s health and wellness community aimed at helping Filipinos make better choices through healthy living. In the course of a month, we tried things like healthy eating, spinning, and calisthenics at a calisthenics playground.

For my last workout, I was introduced to NT Sweat, a toning and dance cardio workout that holistic wellness advocate and fitness instructor Nikki Torres created, who is also the woman behind NT Summer Equinox.

The beauty behind NT Sweat is that it’s a complete body workout with moves that even a beginner can do, which can burn fat, improve posture, and exercise your arms, core, and legs. It’s also fun because you do them while listening to music! The night we did our NT Sweat, Nikki had DJ Lucio Pua spin hip-hop, R&B, and dance music for us to work out to. It felt more like a party than exercise!

When I joined NT Sweat, I realized that working out can be fun! I always thought of working out as running breathlessly on a treadmill looking at the same view for one hour or lifting weights at the same machine every day. With NT Sweat, I managed to exercise my whole body while dancing along to a DJ. More importantly, GoWell helped me understand that living healthy can be fun, delicious, and affordable!

If you want to join me and Nicole on our wellness journey, sign up for free at gowell.com.ph! With a membership, you get access to community workouts; discounts at partner establishments like Garmin, ROX, and The North Face; and the chance to earn points and get fitness rewards like an Apple Watch.

We’ll soon be holding our own contest so you better watch out for that!

GoWell NT Summer Equinox

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