Hotel Vanna: A Weekend in Korea Town, Pampanga

No one wants to spend their two-day weekend on the road for hours (unless you’re on a leave on Monday), and that’s why a good location is essential to a relaxing weekend out of town.

A recent stay at Hotel Vanna in Angeles, Pampanga proves this point. The hotel, several minutes away from SM Clark, is a cozy, slightly more ostentatious home for weekends that demand time away from Metro Manila.

Initially, the place will seem like just “another” hotel, but its location is the advantage that sets you up for a good time.




Hotel Vanna is located along Anunas Road, also otherwise known as Korea Town.

The recently opened hotel has 45 spacious rooms, starting at P2,200 a night.

Pairs can get the Deluxe or Premium Room, while bigger groups can get the Double Deluxe or Executive Room, which all come with a complimentary Korean-style breakfast.

At the ground floor, there’s a small pool you can wade in and even a massage parlor to get those stress knots removed.



The vicinity, of course, is one of the best things about the hotel, which is one of the perks of staying at the hotel, It’s within close distance of the golf course, so you shouldn’t be too surprised to find a lot Korean tourists going in and out of the hotel.

Anunas Road itself is an attraction too, a must-visit for fans of Korean culture or basically about anyone who’s always on the prowl for affordable and unlimited samgyupsal.

The stretch of Anunas Road is lined with massage places, KTV bars, Korean grocery stores, bakeries and restaurants offering everything from unlimited samgyupsal to bingsu. The prices are ridiculously wallet-friendly (P250 for unlimited meat), especially if you tag your friends along, and you can have a satisfyingly good meal – say unlimited samgyupsal and dessert – for P500 or less per person.

You can even buy a few goodies to take home before you leave. The groceries are stocked with your favorite Korean snacks (Hello, Pepero.) with way cheaper prices compared to those in Manila. The Korean bakeries, too, are an awesome stop for breakfast. The drinks are not much, but the pastry selections are plenty and will have you buying everything in sight.

Inside a grocery store a few steps away from Hotel Vanna

By the looks of it, you’re definitely going to be spending most of your time outside and exploring Anunas Road, knowing that it only takes a hop and a skip to get to the hotel.


After that indulgent evening of meat, bingsu, soju, and karaoke, the only right thing to do, it seems, is to  head back to the hotel room, dim the lights, crawl into bed, snuggle under the sheets and have an HBO marathon before you fall asleep and dream about the next time you can have an awesome weekend like this.

Hotel Vanna

Lot 17 & 18 Block 11 Friendship Highway, Anunas Road, Angeles City, Pampanga


Photos by Janelle Almosara


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