7 Hot Spots to Check Out When in Pampanga


Arguably the one and only home of sisig and talangka, who knew that there’s more to Pampanga than meets the tastebuds? Angeles City is fast becoming a hub of new restaurants and cafes, each with their own unique spin on contemporary and trending foodie favorites. Spoiled for choice, you could easily spend a day eating your way around the city! Here’s our list of top restaurants to visit (and some fun stuff to try out) for a day in Angeles City, Pampanga.

7 Hot Spots to Check Out When in Pampanga

7. Salmon Sisig and Steak Sisig at K Cafe


K Cafe’s Steak Sisig


Salmon Sisig

Pampanga might be known for their pork sisig, but K Cafe takes things up a notch with a unique spin on the Kapampangan favorite. Sisig takes on a new form when the spicy, salty, onion-and-garlicky flavors it is known for combine with the tender and creamy texture of salmon. On the other hand, their steak sisig has a zesty and savory flavor all its own. Both are definitely worth a try!


Dragonfruit Shake


Asian Gambas

Another must-try is K-Cafe’s refreshing Dragonfruit Shake. The vibrant plum color is great eye-candy, and tastes really good, too! I liked pairing it with their crisp and veggie-stuffed Vientamese Spring Rolls and their Asian Gambas laid out over a bed of vermicelli.


Desserts at K Cafe


Molten Chocolate Lava Cake

K Cafe also serves a selection of pastries, ice-blended coffee drinks and ahhhmazing desserts. Their molten chocolate lava cake is my absolute fave! It’s served on a hot plate and drizzled with sizzling caramel sauce!

K Cafe

Nepo Quad, Angeles City

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6. A Giant 2-Pound Angus Beef Burger and Massive Baby-Back ribs at BIF’s Smoke and Grill


It was a really heavy plate!

Here’s a HUGE burger to match your massive appetite! Right across K Cafe at Nepo Quad is Bif’s Smoke and Grill, a restaurant that proves bigger is definitely better! Seeing that most of their diners consist of families and big groups of friends, the owners decided to create a dish with big portions that are perfect for sharing.


Bif’s 2-lb U.S. Angus beef B.A.D. burger

The result is an enormously meaty and juicy 2-pound angus beef burger that can be split among a hungry group of 6-8 people. What I love about this is that, despite its size, the beef is juicy, tender and well-seasoned – perfectly cooked!


Smoked BBQ Pork Ribs Slab

Also on the heavy side is Bif’s Smoked BBQ Pork Ribs Slab. A row of savory, smoked ribs that are fall-off-the-bone tender, drizzled with tangy BBQ sauce. Now, this is definitely worth getting your hands dirty for!

Bif’s Smoke and Grill

Nepo Quad, Angeles City

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5. Cafe Renaissance’s Freak Shakes


Cafe Renaissance’s Ms. Sheila Ona and her Vanilla Rainbow Freak Shake


Caramel Pops, Vanilla Rainbow, Wild Matcha, Cookies and Cream, and Chocolate Climax Freak Shakes


Sweet, decadent, and served in massive mason jars! These over-the-top freak shakes by Cafe Renaissance are over-the-top in both presentation and flavor. This cafe at the Clark Renaissance Hotel is one of the few cafes around serving these trendy designer milkshakes, and is fast becoming a fave hangout among Kapampangan locals, and even visitors from Manila. With milkshakes as Insta-worthy as these, who wouldn’t want a glass?

Cafe Renaissance

Clark Renaissance Hotel, Angeles City, Pampanga


4. Movie and a Massage La Armonia Theater Spa and Salon


Popcorn for your movie/spa sesh!


Theater + Spa = Best Idea Ever

Ok, guys, why hasn’t anyone in Manila thought of this yet? A movie theater and a spa conveniently rolled into one? It’s the perfect relaxation treat! La Armonia is a fully equipped spa that has its own theater where guests can sit back and relax with a movie while enjoying the spa’s signature foot spa and back massage services.



They also have massage rooms and a sauna, and offer everything from full-body massages to body scrub treatments and nail services. They even have a salon! Prices are reasonable, and their Swedish massage is super relaxing (trust me, I’ve tried it!) I really hope they open a franchise in Manila real soon!

La Armonia Theater Spa

Oceana Commercial Complex, McArthur Highway, Balibago

Like La Armonia on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/La-Armonia-Theater-Spa-Salon

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