Happy Socks Philippines: An Ingredient for Happiness

As the years go by, I have come to realize one thing about the world: most people just want to be happy. Underneath all the layers of emotions, thoughts, and activities lies a desire to reach a state of happiness.  That’s one thing most people want.

The difference lies in how people reach this state. Some try to find it by climbing the ranks in their chosen profession’s industry, some seek it through relationships, and some strive to acquire things in the hopes of discovering it. While all these things are valid and worthwhile, I have come to realize that happiness is a choice and I celebrate the truth that being happy does not have to be so difficult: it can be as easy and as simple as wearing wonderful socks.

I stepped into a state of happiness at the Staple and Perk Bakery in Ecoplaza recently. It happened the moment I registered for the launch of Happy Socks Philippines, the cotton-combed sock brand from Sweden. They asked me to pick out a pair of socks from their rack to wear into the event space and when I did, my feet became happy. I became happy.


Happy Socks PhilippinesI attended the event with my boyfriend and these are the pairs of happiness we chose to slip into.

Happy Socks PhilippinesA trunk load of happiness on display.


The whole Happy Socks Philippines event simply echoed the truth of happiness being a choice – and a simple one at that. It even had some ingredients to happiness in store, namely:


Beautifully Presented Food

Happy Socks Philippines


I don’t think this needs a lot of explaining. I love food. I think it’s a great equalizer, and the best ice breaker. It is especially wonderful when people take the time and effort to serve it to you beautifully.


Good Music

Happy Socks Philippines


I love the way music understands you in all seasons of life: how Coldplay cried with me after my first breakup, how U2 assured me I was going to be fine when I resigned from the corporate world, and how Michael Jackson encouraged me to fall in love again.


Free Drinks

Happy Socks Philippines


The event had the best array of drinks: coffee, tea, chocolate, and beer. There was a drink for every mood and I chose to have an iced chocolate one. It was perfect for the hot weather. It was also what I needed for that extra boost of energy after spending a long time in traffic.

 Happy Socks PhilippinesThe happy gentlemen: (L-R) DJ Sam YG, Happy Socks Singapore representative Mach Chua, Happy Socks Sweden representative Jonathan Larsson, and event host Justin Quirino.


The afternoon went by pretty quickly as friends mingled, conversations flourished and people learned more about the brand that caters to the stylish, the fun, the quirky, the colorful and the dynamic.

I like how Happy Socks came from the idea of not only finding individual happiness, but helping others find theirs. Some of the event’s speakers shared their experiences on the various ways they contributed to someone’s happiness meter. It reminded me of something that one of my favorite Titos once said, “To get over sadness, get out of bed and go make someone happy.”


Happy Socks PhilippinesHappiness in a box! The giveaways: a box contained three pairs of socks. My boyfriend, Luis, got a box with boxers. Perfect!


Happy Socks Philippines comes up with two collections every year: the Fall/Winter collection and the Spring/Summer collection. It has engaged in many collaborations in the past including renowned brands such as Rolex, Keds and adidas. Recently, they collaborated with rap artist, Snoop Dogg.

You can have happiness at your feet, too!


Happy Socks Philippines

Website: https://wwww.dreamlablifestyle.com

Facebook: Happy Socks Philippines

Instagram: @happysocksph