Ghost Stories by Coldplay: A Listening Party Filled with Magic

Ghost Stories by Coldplay: A Listening Party Filled with Magic

When you hear a song that’s heartfelt and immensely deep, you know it could only be from one of the best British rock/pop bands out there: Coldplay.

Coldplay is one of the biggest bands of the new millenium. This British band has been serenading us with their sweetest melodies and swooning lyrics since 1996. Now, they have released their sixth album entitled Ghost Stories, which they started promoting two months ago.

Ghost Stories by Coldplay


How Coldplay Started Recording Ghost Stories:


Now, to celebrate Coldplay’s comeback, Warner Music Philippines held an exclusive listening party with a night of music, Coldplay, and tricks up their sleeves. The Ghost Stories listening party was held at their main office in BGC.

This is what greeted us upon entering: Chris Martin’s beautiful face, Ghost Stories’ album artwork (the bird one) and the face of the Chinese lady featured in Magic’s music video, Zhang Ziyi. 

Ghost Stories by Coldplay

What excited me more was when I saw this table full of desserts with a Chris Martin wheel at the back! (Ahhhh, feels like heaven). As you may have noticed, the theme of the event was inspired by the Magic music video: a festive carnival.

Ghost Stories by Coldplay

People started gathering and taking pictures of the beautiful setup. You wouldn’t believe that it was an office.

Ghost Stories by Coldplay

When everybody had settled down , we got ready for what Warner Music Philippines had in store for us.

Ms. Donna Aquino, Digital Media Promo Executive, gave a brief introduction about Coldplay and Ghost Stories before showing us a video where Coldplay was briefly introduced with their hit singles followed by the Magic’s music video. Everyone was just singing along and getting pumped up for the rest of the night. 

It gets better, too. One of the best magicians in the Philippines, a member of The Magicians Foundation Inc. named Mr. Nap Perez, blew us away with his outstanding magic tricks: transforming paper bills into blank papers, magically making roses appear, making torn newspapers whole again after ripping them off a couple of times. How did he do all of that? I don’t know, either. But wait, there’s even more!

Ghost Stories by Coldplay

He also asked a few viewers to join him for his last trick, which involved the “balls”.

This trick made us all laugh and amazed us at the same time.

Ghost Stories by Coldplay

“Don’t play with my balls”

Even though the magic ended there, the night was still young enough to have more fun! We tried tarot reading and, according to our Managing Editor Angeline Rodriguez, she was traumatized with her experience. Everything was so true and relevant that she couldn’t understand how it was even possible. There was also a face and body painter who looked exactly like the bad guy from the Magic music video!

Ghost Stories by Coldplay

That pretty much sums up the amazing Ghost Stories listening party that was brought to us by Warner Music Philippines. It was my first memorable listening party! Actually, you could try something similar to this by hosting your own listening party. Just blast the songs of your favorite artist on full volume and have a good time!

I really can’t wait for the day when Coldplay will come back to the Philippines to sing our favorites from the Ghost Stories album. For now, though, listen to the Ghost Stories album (which was just released on May 19, 2014) and be blown away with its magic! You can also watch their music video for “Magic” here: Catch Coldplay’s Latest Music Video Magic

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Ghost Stories by Coldplay: A Listening Party Filled with Magic


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