Tarot Reading and Reiki Healing at the Amazing Mysterium Philippines

Tarot Reading and Reiki Healing at the Amazing Mysterium Philippines


Mysterious events and experiences are always exciting! My fellow WIM writer Zia and I thought exactly that as we ventured to Quezon City to experience our first tarot reading and Reiki healing session at Mysterium Philippines!

 Mysterium Philippines officially opened its doors to the public in 2011 and offers the following services:

  • Tarot reading
  • Psychic Development
  • Reiki healing
  • Monthly courses in all practices (Tarot, Psychic Development, Reiki)

 In addition, all services can be booked for events (birthdays, company parties, etc).

 From the Mysterium website, we learned that: 

“Mysterium Philippines focuses on deepening the understanding of the sacred mysteries in order to further the spirituality and knowledge of all our members. Mysterium opens up an opportunity to explore that oft-ignored world within us, to recapture the lost path to the sacred that is rarely taken. A path which leads people to get in touch with their inner genius, attain an inner peace, and learn their gifts for use for the betterment of the world.”

Mysterium Philippines: trustworthy Tarot card readings & amazing Reiki healing 3

The founders of the Mysterium are married couple Robert and Sarah Rubin. At the age of 14, Robert, who originally comes from California, USA and relocated to the Philippines with his family in 1997, discovered Tarot cards. Enchanted with this new hobby, he started practicing and perfecting his tarot reading skills over the years.

During his college days at DLSU, Robert started reading people’s cards for a side income. Noticing that Tarot card reading was both his true passion and a lucrative venture, he passed up the opportunity at a promising corporate career and dedicated himself to running his own business instead. Over the years, Tarot card reading has not only been a fulfilling hobby-turned-career for Robert, he also met and married the love of his life Sarah, who today works alongside him at Mysterium Philippines as a Reiki healer.

Sarah discovered Reiki 6 years ago. At the time, she became sick and upon visiting the doctor several times and taking medicine, she realised that she needed more than physical healing. Conducting a Google search on emotional and spiritual healing, Sarah eventually discovered Reiki. Experiencing Reiki healing soon improved her health.

A few months later, a friend referred Sarah to a Reiki teacher who taught her how to practice and learn the skill. She learned Reiki levels 1 and 2 and practiced healing herself and others on the side. 2 years after discovering Reiki Sarah decided to leave the corporate world to teach this alternative way of healing. Today she feels wonderful dedicating her life to helping people as she found her true passion and a fulfilling life in Reiki healing.

Mysterium Philippines: trustworthy Tarot card readings & amazing Reiki healing 7

Sarah & Robert Rubin, Founders and Owners at Mysterium Philippines

Mysterium Philippines was featured in several different TV shows on GMA and at one point Robert even had his own TV show called “Mysterio”, which focused on paranormal investigative work.

Recognized by the International Tarot Association, Mysterium Philippines is not your average Hole-in-the-Wall Psychic shop but rather a credible source for Tarot, Reiki and Psychic Development – a reason why local celebrities like to seek assistance at Mysterium Philippines. Zia and I were happy to know that our first Tarot and Reiki adventure would be conducted by true professionals. Our experience at Mysterium Philippines was nothing short of amazing: 


Tarot Reading


Robert makes his clients feel calm and comfortable the minute he welcomes them into his office. At my request not to taunt me with terrible news of future accidents or the loss of loved ones (a common misconception of scared new clients as I learned from Robert), he calmed me down and ensured that my reading would not include such negative fortune telling.

Mysterium Philippines: trustworthy Tarot card readings & amazing Reiki healing 1

Robert Rubin’s office for Tarot Card readings at Mysterium Philippines

The Tarot reading session started with Robert giving me some insights about my past, present and future. As he told me, a Tarot card reading session can help you make decisions in various areas of your life. As long as you come in openminded, your experience will be pleasant. Similar to taking an online-quiz about one’s personality, Tarot readings simply help you learn about yourself.

While gaining some insights into my personality during the reading, Robert helped interpret the messages revealed through the cards and gave me some ideas for various areas of my life (career, relationships, self discovery).

Lastly, I was given three questions I could ask with the cards giving me answers.

Questions could range from love-life/relationship, to career, health or any other life areas you may have questions about. Some of the answers I received definitely gave me serious food for thought and I left the session in reflection about my life and the messages I had received. All in all a very pleasant experience with Robert being very helpful in guiding me through the session and answering anything I was unclear about.

Most of all, I was happy to find out that there was nothing scary about trying out a Tarot card reading session. And as Robert explained to me, any outcome of the cards about the future could still be influenced by oneself as he believes that we do not live a pre-destined life but rather have influence on the outcome of our destiny.

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Robert Rubin with Boy Abunda

Are you considering a Tarot card reading session for yourself? 

Come here if:

  • You’ve always wanted to try out Tarot card readings but were too scared to go. No need to be scared here, Robert will make you feel comfortable and at ease!
  • Would like to learn more about yourself!
  • Need help with any life decisions.
  • Would like to learn how to conduct Tarot card readings yourself. 
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Mysterium Philippines recognized by the International Tarot Association