Tarot Reading and Reiki Healing at the Amazing Mysterium Philippines

Reiki Healing Session

A still rather unknown concept to many, Reiki healing is a spiritual practice that was developed by a Japanese Buddhist almost a century ago. During a Reiki session, one receives universal energy in the form of qi through the palms of the Reiki healer.

My personal Reiki experience was quite incredible! Deeply relaxed to the mellow sounds of background music and Sarah’s skilled Reiki practice, I fell asleep several times during the session. Afterwards, Sarah offered me some tea and explained the visions she had while performing Reiki. I was in awe and absolutely stunned at the things she mentioned and helped interpret for me. Without even having any conversation before our session, Sarah was able to pinpoint exactly those things that were currently on my mind, that bothered me or that were hindrances in my present life. I felt happy and energized after the session and understood so much better why Sarah was able to recover from her illness several years ago once she discovered Reiki for herself.

Reiki sessions are structured into two parts:

  1. Energy healing
  2. Inner work: Reflections after each Reiki session, in which Sarah interprets the visions she had about you and helps you decide on actions you need to take.

Sarah has had many miraculous experiences due to Reiki. Once a lady came to receive healing for a myoma (growth) in her uterus. During her Reiki session with Sarah, it was unveiled that her uterus indeed was the most imbalanced part in her body. This was due to the fact that she had manifested the emotional problem of abandonment by her mother. By then practicing forgiveness work, she was able to let go of her anger and get well – not only emotionally but also physically. Her next doctor’s visit revealed that her myoma had disappeared.

Sarah finds that it is important to address emotional issues when looking at one’s overall health. Heart disease in connection to depression for example, is rooted either in long-held grief or long-held anger. By addressing these long-held negative emotions, healing can take place on an emotional and then also on a physical level. Once the root cause – an unaddressed emotional problem – of an illness is targeted, the body can heal.

Robert himself said about his wife’s Reiki healing sessions that they were the best he had ever experienced. “They are oozing, loving, very pure and divine.” I couldn’t agree any more!

Are you considering a Reiki healing session for yourself? 

Come here if:

  • You want to experience deep relaxation, similar to meditation
  • You are looking for emotional, spiritual and mental healing – healing that goes beyond the physical
  • You want to learn more about yourself
  • You want to feel energized and be amazed by Sarah’s healing skills
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Reception area at Mysterium Philippines

When Zia and I left the Mysterium Philippines, we exchanged our opinions and discussed what we had experienced. Since we were both familiar with the concept of Tarot cards, we weren’t too surprised at what we had encountered during our readings. Our readings were pleasant and interesting and definitely gave us food for thought. When we exchanged our experience about our respective Reiki sessions, we were both excited and amazed all at once. We both did not only experience a deeply relaxing and energizing session, we were stunned at the visions and messages Sarah had for each one of us. We absolutely loved it and vowed to go back soon for follow-up sessions.

For the future, Robert hopes to expand the company within the country, including other cities and the provinces of the Philippines. Eventually an Asia-wide as well as a worldwide expansion are in the plans. Robert would like to see the Mysterium become a worldwide community, where people of all beliefs and practices come together and help each other. 

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Robert’s book “Defensive Occultism” for sale at Mysterium Philippines

For those interested to learn the practices that Mysterium Philippines has to offer, they conduct a “Basic Intro to Tarot Program” and an “Intro to Psychic Development Program” every month. Psychic development courses last two days. Sarah also holds a “Reiki Level 1” class every month for beginners. 

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Mysterium Philippines 


 Prices: P2500/hr Tarot card reading, P1800/hr Reiki healing session (P1000/30 mins Reiki)

 Address: Mysterium Philippines, Burgundy Place, Katipunan Ave, Loyola Heights, Quezon City 

Website: https://mysteriumphilippines.org/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MysteriumPhilippinesFanPage



Tarot Reading and Reiki Healing at the Amazing Mysterium Philippines