Get Pretty Nails in an Instant with These Glue-On Acrylic Nails—All for Under P500

Written by Mia Abigan
Photos by Mia Abigan

Styled nails can make an impression just as any fashion piece. They might be a small detail, yet they can add so much personality and flavor to any outfit. And though it can be fun to see our nails painted and decorated, there will be instances when you’ll need that nail glam asap but don’t have the time to rush to the nail salon anymore or paint them on yourself. Luckily, there are local brands like The Nail Vault MNL that can help you achieve the stylish nails that you want, hassle-free and instantly!

kitty sara the nail vault mnlPhoto from The Nail Vault MNL @thenailvaultmnl

The Nail Vault MNL is lifestyle brand that carries glue-on acrylic nails that are not only stylish but are also super affordable for every Pinay. Plus, they’re easy to put on and come in a variety of styles—from the classics to bolder and braver styles that are perfect for glam nights.

Below are two styles we got to get our hands on: The Classic Plain Set and The French Tips.

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Classic Plain Set

The Nail Vault 2

As the name suggests, this set is simple and comes in plain colors, perfect for those who are trying acrylic nails for the first time. As the colors are plain, they are also the easiest to match with your clothes. But don’t worry, if you think this is too simple for you, you can spice things up a little and add the jewels on your acrylic nails!

French Tip Set

the nail vault french tips

If there’s the #MLBB (My Lips But Better) trend for lipsticks, then I would definitely categorize The Nail Vault MNL’s French Tip Set under #MNBB (My Nails But Better)! The style and color of this pink frech tip might be subtle but it’s just the right style and length to have heads turning to look. Not to mention, the cute contrast of the cotton pink with the white tips also gives off a very cheerful and playful vibe!

the nail vault french tips comparison

Tips for Application:

  1. Wash your hands and pay particular attention to drying your nails and cuticles, then make sure your nails and cuticles are completely dry
  2. Clean off any nail cuticles by pushing them back using a cuticle pusher or a liquid cuticle remover
  3. Dehydrate your nails by using rubbing alcohol or acetone to remove the natural oils from your nails that may interfere with the nail glue
  4. Apply your The Nail Vault MNL acrylic nails on your DOMINANT hand first

How to apply:

  1. Apply glue directly onto your nails
  2. Place your The Nail Vault MNL acrylic nails onto your nails and apply pressure for 10-20 seconds to make sure that there are no air bubbles present
  3. Wipe off any excess glue that has seeped out from the nails (most of these will come out from the sides depending on how much glue you applied on your real nails)
  4. AVOID washing your hands after application. It’s best to apply your acrylic nails right before bed to ensure that you will not be exposing your hands to water shortly after application because such exposure could affect how our acrylic nail glue will adhere on your nails

How to change sets/remove the nails:

  1. Soak your nails in warm water for 10-20 minutes (this will make the glue a little gummy and easier to remove)
  2. Once you’ve removed your current set, wash your hands and dry them
  3. Repeat the application process with your new set (if desired)

The Nail Vault 1

My thoughts on the product

The acrylic nails are actually really nice and handy if you excuse the part where I struggled to open to nail glue. It was difficult to open if you follow the usual method of using a pin to poke through the nozzle, so I would highly suggest to simply unscrew the bottom and use the nozzle as a brush-like tip so that you can spread the product evenly. BUT besides that, the nails are actually very pretty and it made me feel all sorts of things—cool, chic, and like I could be the next famous ASMR Youtuber! (No joke, you HAVE to try it at least once to really see the effect for yourself!).

The Nail VaultPhoto from The Nail Vault MNL @thenailvaultmnl

I also really appreciate the fact that The Nail Vault MNL is super affordable as it is priced at only P180-450 depending on the style you choose. (This is still way cheaper than regular trips to your nail salon, btw.) Finally, what I loved most about this product is, ultimately, in its unrivaled convenience. You could place these nails wherever and whenever it is most comfortable and convenient for you, without having to worry if your local nail salon is fully booked!

Interested to cop a set or two? Then be sure to check out their social media handles as they are releasing new and fresh styles very soon!

They also have an ongoing giveaway where you can win win a pair of Hailey Bieber-inspired hoops and Kylie Jenner-inspired nails! Join the contest here.

The Nail Vault MNL

Instagram: @thenailvaultmnl