LOOK: From Head To Toe, This Girl’s Complete Outfit Only Costs 105 Pesos!

People usually think that having a good sense of style comes with a price. There is this notion that if you want to look good, you have to dig deep in your wallet. What these people don’t understand is that fashion has never been about the tags on your clothes or the price of your shirt.

Cris Rodriguez proved this notion wrong by slaying with her outfits which she scored from thrift shops. She believes that, in times like this, it is simply illogical and impractical to buy branded clothing when you can get the exact same thing for a hundred times less at a thrift shop. The price of one branded clothing is equal to an entire week’s worth of outfit. Read her full post below:

This doesn’t mean that she does not enjoy the occasional visits to branded stores. Her point is, when we talk about fashion, being comfortable and feeling good about how you look trumps where your clothes come from or how much they cost.

So the next time you go out shopping, make sure that you are the one who’s winning. Remember, as Cris has put together so eloquently, “It’s not about going broke to’ look rich’, it’s about ‘looking rich’ without going broke.”

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