First in the Philippines: A Diabetes-Friendly Store Made Accessible for Everyone

Fact: everyone can get Diabetes – even for someone who has a healthy lifestyle.

The number of patients every year is dramatically increasing. There are approximately 415 million diabetic people worldwide. In fact, in the Philippines alone, there are about 3 million recorded diabetic patients.

The Diabetes Store

The Diabetes Store offers medical tags for patients’ security and emergency purposes. If you are hypoglycemic, meaning you get abnormally low blood glucose (blood sugar) levels, usually less than 70 mg/dl, the tendency is to get dizzy and faint. 

According to the report shared by The Diabetes Store (TDS), Philippines is a “hotspot” with 500 new Filipino Type 2 Diabetes rising every day. With that, it landed in the 8th position as the leading cause of death in the Philippines.

Interestingly, every time we hear about Diabetes, we cringe and we get scared of death. Because Diabetes as we know it is fatal and could lead to death if unmanaged. While everything we hear about it is correct, it could be managed in a friendly manner – thanks to The Diabetes Store’s brilliant concept!

The Diabetes Store

So, what is Diabetes?

Before I answer that, you need to understand the role of insulin in your body. Contrary to what we know – that we can get Diabetes out of eating cakes, candies, etc., – ANYTHING we eat, our body transforms them to sugar or glucose. In the process of digestion, people without diabetes, the pancreas should be able to release insulin. On the other hand, with diabetic people, that process doesn’t work.

And that’s why if you do not control that, it could lead to Diabetes Type 1 or Type 2.

Truthfully, diabetic patients are irritable and have mood swings. I know as my mom was like that. Unfortunately, she also died due to complications of diabetes. As explained by the General Manager Jose Ramon Felix, diabetic patients may feel confused, depressed, and overwhelmed. Luckily, they now have a place to go to, The Diabetes Store.

The Diabetes Store

They have monthly meet-ups, wherein they talk about proper management for different types of Diabetes.

The first and only concept of its kind here in the Philippines and probably in Asia, THE DIABETES STORE (TDS) is a friendly one-stop-shop that believes in a collaborative approach in managing diabetes by working closely with the patient’s doctor and family members.

The Diabetes Store

They also offer free blood sugar and blood pressure monitoring.

As a specialized outlet, TDS offers a wide array of products and services that go around the 5 Cs of Diabetes:


TDS offer products and devices that will monitor and regulate sugar levels. You can avail the: Glucose Meters, Glucose Strips, BP Monitors, Sharps Container, Lancets, just to name a few.

The diabetes store

I had my blood glucose checked and I got 186. I was a bit shocked. However, I was reassured by the consultant that below 200 is normal. I also had my Blood Pressure checked with a normal reading of 120/80. Shucks, I think I need to start changing my sedentary lifestyle.


You may also avail of the meds, supplements, and other supplies like Insulin vials, cartridges, etc.

The Diabetes Store

Especially, the monthly meet-ups for diabetic patients. They gather and exercise together. Truly, it’s a community for everyone to feel special and welcome.


Contrary to what hear about food intake, with TDS, you can indulge on guilt-free food like:

The Diabetes Store

Soy chips and candies!

Diabetes store

You gotta try these diabetes-friendly ice cream from Fog City Creamery! It’s equally delicious as the common ice creams we get from supermarkets. It’s sweetened with coco sugar so you don’t have to worry about your sugar levels shooting up!


Diabetes is a leading cause of blindness, kidney failure, amputations, heart failure and stroke. Essentially, this store made it accessible by providing products and accessories mostly used by diabetic patients.


To prevent amputation and complications of Diabetes, TDS nutritionists and doctors as well suggest to exercise, eat a well-balanced meal, and most importantly, have a great attitude in life.

What to expect from The Diabetes Store

I am emotional about this specialized store. My mom died because of the complications of diabetes. Back then we didn’t have any choice but to wait for our turn just to hear the doctor’s recommendation without addressing emotional needs of my mom. People with diseases such as Diabetes need more comfort and assurance that they are not alone. They need support more than anything else and that is what you will get from The Diabetes Store – support, care, comfort, and assurance.

If you or know of someone who has Diabetes, visit the store and avail of the membership card for only P3000.

As explained by Ramon, as a member you’d get the following benefits:

  • Welcome gift
  • (1) free diabetes education module
  • free initial glucose testing
  • you get exclusive promo offerings
  • quarterly phone call check-ups (Yup! Sounds brilliant, right?)
  • Invitation to their cooking demos
  • gets access to diabetic-friendly recipes and MORE!

What makes them special is their people are ready to talk, explain, and assure you that everything is manageable. Hence, the tagline, “Diabetes made friendly.”

Do you have any tips on how to manage diabetes? Share them below.

The Diabetes Store

198 J. Elizalde St., BF Homes, Paranaque City


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