Facebook User Helps Edit Photos– With Hilarious Results

The internet is a funny place. From viral ‘Twerk It Like Miley’ Dubsmash videos to inspiring stories of ordinary citizens, it is home to the the weirdest, funniest, and nicest stories, antics and even gimmicks.

When Facebook user BJ Bernales found a new hobby, the internet gods rejoiced. It is another classic example of why the internet is a wonderful thing.

When people online ask for help editing their vacation photos, BJ helps them out.


photoshop-2 photoshop-3

He is like the good samaritan of vacation photo editing.


I personally love how BJ incorporates elements of popular culture in his work:

photoshop-8photoshop-9 photoshop-10

He even references Filipino folklore

photoshop-11photoshop-12 photoshop-13

BJ makes normal everyday Filipinos stars in their own movies.




Or he just adds on the stars..


I have to say, all this work takes skills and a whole lot of wit and imagination.  



We commend you, BJ Bernales, for your contribution to the internet and the world. Keep at your new hobby, we are all big fans! View the full album here. 

What do you think of his work?