Netizen Shares Inspiring Story of Meeting a Deaf Attendant at a Food Stall

Netizen Shares Inspiring Story of Meeting a Deaf Attendant at a Food Stall


Sometimes we take our five senses for granted that we’re surprised when we meet someone who’s missing one sense. That was the case for Sarj M., who shared this story on Facebook. While she was at a mall, she decided to buy a fruit shake, and was surprised when she was assisted by a deaf attendant.

According to her:


I was waiting at SM manila and decided to grab something to eat while waiting for a friend of mine. I bought myself some bread and decided to buy myself a fruit shake from Fruitas. I went to their stall and called the attention of the lady seller who was alone. She immediately noticed that I was there and she smiled at me. I was a bit preoccupied of thinking of what to buy that I didn’t notice her leaving what she was doing and approached me.

She didn’t expect what happened next.

I was about to tell her my order when she went to me and reached for the printed out (smaller) menu and flashed this card saying “I’m deaf. My name is Jen.” I’m not actually sure if that was her name because I was too focused on the words ‘I’m deaf’. She was smiling as she tried to understand my order as it was not one of those written in their menu. I thought I looked stupid because i kept on speaking but I think she was trying to read my lips. I was just soo overwhelmed by the moment because of the fact that she still strives to make a living despite her disability. I even got teary-eyed because i can see that she was happy with what she was doing despite her inability to communicate.


She ended her post by saying that we should learn from this.


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