Cute Boys “Twerk It Like Miley” Dubsmash Compilation + How To Make Your Own!

The phenomenon that is Dubsmash has taken over the internet! We’ve seen countless funny, amusing, and even weird videos online, all for the sake of fun and lip-synching. Lately, new Dubsmash trend is surfacing and ladies (and some gents :P), you’ll be thankful for it.

The phrase “Twerk It Like Miley” has never meant anything to me until now:

Videos from Random Photos Facebook Page; Teejay Marquez

(Are you one of the guys in this video? Let us know so we can credit you!


 Who new the Brandon Beal song about Miley’s dance move could inspire so many?

Of course, the netizens have been quick to respond to this phenomenon.

Facebook user Jam Raquion has even uploaded a video showing just how to make these ‘cute boy’ dubsmash videos.

Watch it here: 

Video by Jam Raquion

Where is your Dubsmash video?