Local Celebs Start A Non-Stop Dubsmash Trend… And It’s Catching On!

You’ve heard of it, we’ve heard of it, everyone’s heard of it. We’re pretty sure we’re not the only ones who see about 90% of Dubsmash videos every time we scroll down on our social media feed!

In fact, I’m pretty sure everyone’s done AT LEAST ONE Dubsmash, the hottest app that’s gone viral overnight. And for Pinoys who are such suckers for theatrics and comedy, it’s no wonder the app has caught on like wildfire! In fact, we even posted the Top 10 funniest Pinoy Dubsmash videos we can’t stop replaying!

But it seems like local celebrities and bloggers have started a non-stop dubsmash trend– which is basically the Dubsmash version of that Pitch Perfect scene where someone starts a song, and the next person should sing, starting with the last word of the person before him! In this case, you sing (or in this case, lip synch) to a song, and nominate or tag friends who should start their Dubsmash with the last word in the video.

If you ask us, it seems like a great way to get friends involved and have some sort of teamwork while having fun!!

Here are just some of the local celebs that have gone on this trend:

It started with Solenn Heussaff, who did a rather passionate take on Rihanna’s “Please Don’t Stop The Music”, ending with the word “Play”, and challenged Iya Villania! View the video here:

Non-Stop Dubsmash Solenn

Iya then shook her hips off, Taylor Swift-style in the most literal way possible with “Shake It Off”, and tagged Bogart The Explorer, Joyce Pring, and Lauren Young, ending with the word “Shake”.

Non-Stop Dubsmash Iya

 Joyce Pring being adorable as ever. Video here:

Non-Stop Dubsmash Joyce

Here’s Lauren Young tagging Myx VJ Chino Lui Pio, with Florence + The Machine:

Non-Stop Dubsmash Lauren Young

 Who did the cutest Justin Timberlake impression with “Sexy Back”:

Non-Stop Dubsmash Chino

While our very own Bogart The Explorer tagged The Plump Pinay

Non-Stop Dubsmash Bogart The Explorer

Who gave Mariah Carey a run for her money in the streets of Tokyo…

Non-Stop Dubsmash Plump Pinay

And in turn, tagged the ever-hilarious The Soshal Network!

Non-Stop Dubsmash The Soshal Network

And the chain goes on!!

 Looks like Dubsmash is far from its way out thanks to these celebrities… not that anyone’s complaining!

What do you think of this non-stop dubsmash trend… are you going to do it?! Which video was your favorite?