Entreprenity – A Website by vOffice Where Entrepreneurs Can Meet Entrepreneurs

vOffice Philippines Inc. has secretly been working on a project that is sure to disrupt the start-up norm – in a very good kind of way. They will be launching the Entreprenity website, which aims to connect thousands of members and active clients of the vOffice clientele along with Acceler8 and Cre8 group of companies across Asia.

Entreprenity, a word combined from Entrepreneur and Serendipity, is basically a representation of a serendipitous moment of what could happen when entrepreneur meets entrepreneur.

The platform basically connects entrepreneurs with other brilliant minds to share their take or tips on hardships, success and or maybe personal things like, ‘how to dress up like a baws’. Initially the platform will be populated with profiles from vOffice’s group of companies. Which isn’t bad at all.

Entreprenity vOffice

Instantly, initial members will automatically be linked to nearly 36,000 active entrepreneurs and companies combined. Think of it this way: it’s like signing up for a popular social media networking page; but instead of adding people to connect, Entreprenity automatically links you to all of the active members. It’s like instantly having 36,000 friends! The newly signed up member can then follow specific people from specific industries, which will be very useful for those who wish to make connections with people from different countries.

Entreprenity vOffice

One of the striking features of Entreprenity is its overall ease of use. From inception, the developers knew that the goal was to connect and enrich user’s lives. So, what they offer is a unified page, which features several of their existing websites. Their clients and members can expect a website that will connect them to people and also let them join events. Even the members can create their own events.

Entreprenity vOffice

To learn more about Entreprenity, join their launch on August 19, 6PM at Fort Legend Tower 3rd Ave corner 31st Street BGC, The Fort Taguig City.

Interested users may join the event and get to sign up for free! The first 300 registrants will get a free members access so, RSVP to the event by calling 224-2000 and look for Pattie or email cs@voffice.com.ph

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